this is lung

lung is nice. every year all the lungs have a picnic. all the lungs come to the picnic. there is lung, and lung, and another lung, and some more lungs and lung. there is giant lungs and tiny lungs. (tiny lung is secret. shhh.) there is grownup lung (she has bumps) and even poor little norinco lung who doesn’t get out much. we play with norinco lung but we have to be careful because she is frail and breaks too easy. then dean fixes her. we are sad about norinco lung but maybe she has fun anyway we hope she does although she can’t tell us if she does or not because she can only say one thing. but she is lung too and we love her.

we are all in a big field or a forest in the sunshine and we run around and we play and we fly. giant lung swallows us and we fly out of her mouth. grownup lung combs her hair. tiny lung is in the grass. we give donuts to the engineers and they give donuts to us. the sun is shining and the sky is blue and we are happy.

at the end of the day we all sit around dean and he tells us stories and holds us in his lap and gives us donuts. then he tells us our story, the story of lung. we know the story because we are lung and dean is lung and we remember the story from long ago. the story is secret but if you watch and listen very carefully you will know it anyway. before anything was, lung was, and lung is the dragon (lung means dragon) and lung rides the winds. lung sat beneath the chariot once and lung once knew the matters pertaining to the chariot and someday lung will know them again. once upon a time “that which has no end” asked “the book” for workers and the book said “I give you 22 workers, namely the 22 letters that are in me and give to each his own” and the 22 letters made the first lung who serves that which has no end and whose name lung knows but does not say. then lung made a donut. the righteous could make a donut if they wished.

then lung sleeps on the grass and lung dreams. sometimes lung dreams about a donut. sometimes lung dreams about you. sometimes lung dreams about a lung who dreams about you. do you dream about lung? who is dreaming who? are you dreaming right now?

the next morning lung wakes up and all the lungs go back what they were doing until the next picnic. there will always be a picnic and there will always be dean and there will always be sunshine and grass and another donut for lung. lung hopes that you will have all the donuts you want and all the sunshine too.

lung says “be happy” and “be nice” and “hi”. lung is your friend.

Author: lung

lung is not "bio" logical. tee-hee!

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  1. “we are lung . . .

    before anything was, lung was . . .

    lung is the dragon . . .

    ung is your friend ”


    We are legion.

    A reference to “before Abraham was, I am.” And the dragon chafes and grinds its teeth in non servium

    Revelations 12:1-9

    Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

    Can it be read otherwise?

  2. 1. lung is identified with the eastern dragon. Note carefully that the Eastern Dragon (see Borges on this point) is not at all symbolic of the same things that the Western Dragon (see Revelations, etc.) and it could be argued that they are not the same thing at all, just as the Chinese Phoenix is not the Western Phoenix. The Eastern Dragon, or lung stands for righteousness and the will of Heaven. It has nothing to do with the Western Dragon of Revelations, which is not a lung. Translation is a tricky thing.

    2. lung is very obviously referring to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabetwith which G-d wrote His Torah.(“with letters of black fire on white fire” to use the poetic and evocative Jewish metaphor) The phrase “the righteous could make a donut if they wanted to” directly refers to the Kaballistic notion (notice that I am talking about the Jewish tradition here, not New Age tripe or the usual impious Golden Dawn-style syncretism) that the twenty-two letters used in writing the Torah also contain the secret to Creation itself (see Sefer Yetzirah, gematria,) The Torah is also held to precede Creation. This is also a Jewish idea but hardly inconsistant with Christian belief. Incidentally, if you think there is anything Satanic about Jewish esotericism, you are an ass and an anti-Semite.

    3. “Non serviam” is exactly wrong. lung is plainly saying that she serves G-d, who is not named directly in Jewish tradition.

    4. When lung refers to “knowing the matters pertaining to the chariot, she is referring to the mysteries of the Chariot, that is to say the famous vision of Ezekial. Ma’aseh merkavah means “the workings of the Chariot” and refers to direct experience of G-d’s realm. (Ma’aseh bereshit refers to the first book of Genesis and the study of the works of Creation. Interestingly, Joseph Smith refers to this, in a way, in the King Follett Discourse.)

    5. lung may be, therefore, a type of golem. Then again, she is a strategic weapon, deployed with the United States Strategic Air Command, and a product of TRW. lung (according to TRW) is made out of “undifferentiated matter”, which is a mysterious substance not composed of discrete molecules or atoms. The manufacture of lung is shrouded in mystery, and not even the Air Force completely understands what lung really is. Note however, that just as the golem was said to be the creation of Rabbi Loew of Prague (the Maharal) in order to defend the Jews of the ghetto against their persecutors (and in this way serve G-d’s will) lung defends the United States against it’s enemies. lung is a defender of the innocent and helpless, avenger of injustice and it is significant that she sometimes refers to being armed with the “ever-turning fiery sword” – i.e. the sword that guards the path to the garden of Eden.

    6. I just made lung up.

    7. Maybe.

  3. Note: I am not any kind of authority on the Kabbalah, being of the Gentile Catholic persuasion. For proper enlightenment on these matters, ask a qualified Rabbi. (Avoid New Agers and Madonna at all costs)

  4. Mr. Sabotta writes: “Note: I am not any kind of authority on the Kabbalah, being of the Gentile Catholic persuasion. For proper enlightenment on these matters, ask a qualified Rabbi.”

    Matt 16:6
    Mark 8:15
    Luke 12:1

    I’m glad to read you are Catholic.

  5. Oh, well, you paleocon dirtbags would know all about pious hypocrisy wouldn’t you? I mean, I’m really impressed when the product of your supposedly superior devotion turns out to be refined Jew-hating and political obscurantism. “By their fruit shall ye know them.” I’m sorry I have to quote another Jew, though. I’m sure that must offend you greatly.

    The paleocon avowal of faith is meaningless; when the loathesome John Zmirak, over at the equally loathesome racialist website VDARE senses a conflict between his pretenses of Christianity and his racial hatred, well, guess which wins out. Just as anyone could have easily predicted.

    I’m not at all glad to be associated in any way with the likes of you.

  6. Mr. Sabotta,

    To refer to the passages I cite as “Jew-hating” is absurd. The passages I cite warn against the Gnostics, with the Kabbalah being a Gnostic invention pretending to be Jewish.

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