Rothbard: Viet Cong Cheerleader?

Did Rothbard “cheer” at the fall of Saigon, as David Frum claimed? Read what he wrote about it at the time, and judge for yourselves:

“What has been happening so swiftly in Indochina can only be exhilarating for libertarians: for what we have been seeing before our very eyes is nothing less than the death of a State–or rather two states, the Saigon regime in South Vietnam, and the Phnom Penh regime in Cambodia.”


“What is inspiring to libertarians is to actually see the final and swift disintegration of a State.”


“Another cause for libertarian rejoicing was the body blow that these events have delivered to U.S. imperialism”

“As the results of their own disastrous policies crumbled around their ears, all they [the Ford administration] could do was to repeat, once more, the tired old hack fallacies of the past:”


“to howl about a forthcoming ‘bloodbath'”


“A return to an isolationist foreign policy is not merely the only moral as well as realistic policy for the United States; it is probably the only one that might have a chance of avoiding an eventual Communist triumph.”
– Murray Rothbard, Reason Magazine July 1975

Oh, and BTW, even though David Frum didn’t take Justin Raimondo to task, Stephen Schwartz did. Enjoy, Comrade Sabotta!

8 thoughts on “Rothbard: Viet Cong Cheerleader?”

  1. From the Schwartz article:

    “Indeed, the Japanese are probably the most chauvinist, racist, and ethnocentric people on the planet.”

    I didn’t read much further than that. He’s an ignorant jackass.

  2. An excerpt from an article on Mr. Schwartz in the San Francisco Examiner, May 6, 1987:

    A Battle Over Right To Write
    He wanted to rebut graffiti with graffiti

    by Dennis J. Opatrny, of the Examiner staff

    When “New Age Rightist” Stephen Schwartz discovered graffiti calling him “the philosophical whore of North Beach,” the former Trotskyite turned red with rage.

    He uncapped his felt-tipped pen and was printing a reply to the scurrilous scribblings when he was busted by Mayor Feinstein’s anti-graffiti police squad on a charge of malicious mischief, defacing the wall of a Vallejo Street construction site.

    Schwartz…has demanded a trial to exonerate his exercise of free speech.

    “I was just going to answer that I was not the philosophical whore of North Beach,” said Schwartz, 37.

    If he wants a trial, he can have it, said Assistant District Attorney Joseph Hoffman, who believes citizens have the right to speak out under the First Amendment–but with limits.

    “The remedy is that he can stand on a street corner and yell all he wants that he’s not the philosophical whore of North Beach,” Hoffman said. “But he can’t go around defacing other people’s property.”

    Municipal Judge George Chopelas Wednesday set July 21 for trial. If convicted, Schwartz faces six months in the county jail and a $1,000 fine…Quoting Schwartz’s attorney, Carlos Bea, “We don’t think this is what the mayor meant in her anti-graffiti campaign. In fact, it’s a sad day when a person can’t rebut in public the allegation that he’s a philosophical whore of North Beach.”

  3. John, I knew you didn’t need Schwartz to give you reasons to despise Raimondo. My hope was that you’d find his attack as entertaining as I did.

    As for “Urib,” it’s easy to judge a whole article by one sentence in it. Based on the experience of people I know who’ve been to Japan, Schwartz is right about Japanese chauvinism (and I say that as a fan of much of Japanese culture).

  4. Tim, I didn’t judge the whole article based on one sentence. I judged his character and found it to be prone to wild exaggeration, if not outright dishonesty. Schwartz didn’t merely call the Japanese chauvinist; he claimed they were the most racist people on the planet. I think I’ll look elsewhere for criticism of Raimondo.

    P.S. – What the hell was his point about calling him Dennis instead of Justin?

  5. To think that Rothbard was being a cheerleader for the fall of Saigon as if he was rooting for the communists reflects a juvenile level of reading comprehension and grasp of his writing. It is clear that for him the take down of any state qua the state is a good thing. He was an anarcho capitalist and so for him the state is a political entity that is never good.

    I for one dont agree that the Saigon regime was as bad as many have made out and Geoffrey Shaw’s new and excellent book The Lost Mandate of Heaven does a good job of shoeing many of he myths of the Diem regime. But to reference Rothbard’s many exaggerated claims as if he was rooting for the VC is ridiculous.

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