Sympathy for the UN

I’ve just seen the video from an NHK TV crew inside the UN mission in Iraq when a truck-bomb blew it up in an apparent suicide attack, killing at least 15 and wounding 40. Apparently the UN believed that since it didn’t support the invasion of Iraq to remove the Saddamite regime, and since most of its people in Iraq were involved in humanitarian aid, they wouldn’t be a target for the terrorists who’ve been swarming into Iraq from the rest of the Islamic world. Unfortunately for them, they were wrong about that.

Of course, they should’ve known better, as it’s happened before in Afghanistan. The Taliban had no qualms about attacking the UN mission in Kabul to get the then-President of Afghanistan, the Communist Najibullah, who they then executed publicly (a fate he richly deserved, having collaborated with the mass-murderers of a million of his fellow Afghans).

Also damaged in the attack was a hospital that is said to have treated victims of spinal-cord injuries – presumably Iraqis as well as foreigners. Apparently the fact that the victims of the attack would include Iraqis badly in need of such medical treatment, as well as the humanitarian aid being provided by the UN, was of no consequence to the terrorists.

As I write this, the news came in on the wire service that the head of the UN mission to Iraq, Sergio de Mello, did not survive the attack. Apparently he was able to make a call for help on his cell phone from within the rubble. This has not yet been confirmed.

3 thoughts on “Sympathy for the UN”

  1. Those who are angry at the UN for the sanctions against Iraq are presumably angry because the sanctions against Iraq harmed the Iraqi people. Getting revenge against the UN by killing a bunch of UN people who were trying to help the Iraqi people won’t be very good for the Iraqi people.

  2. No, I would presume they were angry about the U.S. occupation and were delivering that message to the U.N. And many at the U.N. will receive it as intended.

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