Ilana Mercer vs. Sheldon Richman & Justin Raimondo

Tee-hee, I haven’t had this much fun since Stephen Schwartz last flamed Justin Raimondo: Ilana Mercer’s been giving Raimondo & Sheldon Richman a richly-deserved torching over their demonization of Israel as the aggressor in the Wars Against Israel. Thus far, in the two-against-one no-holds-barred grudge match, I score Mercer the winner, despite the fact that her opponents have fought dirty.

Mercer has always struck me as having a healthy immunity to the bad memes about Israeli aggression, perhaps because she’s an Israeli emigre herself. Unfortunately, she seems to have succumbed to bad memes about the War On Terror and the neoconservative conspiracy. Still, it’s nice to see that she thinks for herself, rather than slavishly toeing the paleocon party line.

2 thoughts on “Ilana Mercer vs. Sheldon Richman & Justin Raimondo”

  1. Sorry you don’t like the “meme” meme, John, but I’m not willing to ban it from the language entirely (unlike, say, “issues”).

    As for Weber, he’s been known to try to pass himself off as a libertarian. I just recently finished reading “Denying History,” about Holocaust Deniers like Weber, who figures prominently in the book. Still, what Mercer said is that he’s polite, unlike Raimondo, which is true from all reports I’ve heard. Weber puts up a good front, even though what’s behind it is quite ugly.

  2. O Starr:

    A few comments:

    1. Can we not leave use of the word “meme”to feebs like Richard Dawkins and Broward Horne?

    2. I’d add that I think the adorable Ms.Mercer is a little hard (to say the least) on medieval Judaism, Jewish mysticism and the Kabala. (At the moment,lung is programming the entire

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