Fight for Liberty!

I have started a new e-mail list for libertarian supporters of the War on Terror, called “Fight for Liberty!” Here is an excerpt from my welcome message:

I created this e-mail list because I see a need for a place for those of my fellow libertarian comrades around the world who generally agree with me that:

  • Liberty is worth fighting for;
  • That it is sometimes necessary to fight for Liberty;
  • That Al Qaeda and the remnants of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein dictatorships are among the enemies of Liberty we must fight;
  • That we must minimize the cost of this fight in blood, treasure, and civil liberties, but that it will be impossible to fight the enemies of Liberty without paying any price at all.

I know there is a good deal of libertarian support for the War on Terror, because I’ve read about it on libertarian e-mail lists, on libertarian web sites, blogs, and I’ve spoken about it with some of you in person. What I have not seen is any forum focused on the War on Terror where its libertarian supporters can share information about it and discuss it. Nor have I seen any organized representation for libertarian supporters of the War on Terror, online or off. I would like this e-mail list to be the beginning of such an organization.

Please feel free to join, and to spread the word!

One thought on “Fight for Liberty!”

  1. Why fight for the liberties of Iraq when we’re losing all ours here at home? The “war on terror” is as much a “war for oil” as the “war on drugs” is a “war on liberty”.

    This “war on terror” all started because after 9/11, the liars in power said that Iraq had WMDs and was responsible for the attack because they harbored Bin Laden, etc etc. All this was found to be false, and now they are trying to make it legal to TORTURE prisoners! Any Libertarian who supports this BULLSHIT needs to find another political party, perhaps the Nazis?

    Woops, I better stop now before I am seen as ‘unpatriotic’ and carted off to Guantanamo Bay to be tortured until I admit I’m a terrorist. Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld, these are the unpatriotic terrorists, and not the only ones in this country by far!

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