Why Are Libertarian Women Hardcore?

Claire Wolfe asks why the relatively few libertarian women out there tend to be so hardcore. I of course will not pass up the opportunity to feature some hardcore cheesecake.

imageTypical libertarian chick.

My own half-baked theory: There are strong biological reasons for women to value family more than men do. This plays into a tendency to value groups higher with respect to individuals than men do. There are strong social forces which encourage everyone to value the collective above the self, and these are analogous to gravitational force. The biological tendency to value family higher means women have a much higher escape velocity with respect to collectivism, and only the highest energy women break free of the social force.

Okay, maybe half-baked is too generous….

7 thoughts on “Why Are Libertarian Women Hardcore?”

  1. Another typical (adorable) libertarian girl.

    And another.

    Aphrodite IX again.

    Sabotta picked this one I think.

    Highly principled hardcore libertarian chick.


    Hardcore libertarian chick road tripping.


  2. I am reminded of the old saying:

    Well behaved Women rarely make History …

    There is a little more to the quote than that; however I do not wish to further offend my kind and generous host with more of my “quasi religious rantings”.

    BTW John, one of my favorite things about this site are the pictures of the fabulous babes you often post. You are a man after my own heart. ;)

    The nude wrestling bit with Coulter a while back … priceless (and I say that as a Coulter fan).

  3. I just figured out that I’m one of about 5 female Libertarians in the state of New York.

    Statistically speaking, I might be the hottest one, although that doesn’t really mean much, and I’m still perfecting my wonder-woman-gun-wielding-pin-up-amazonian look.

    I’m also not hard-core. I just think that free systems – political, economic, religious/spiritual, social – are more effective, harmonious systems. It’s logical, it’s empowering, it sounds good on a sweatshop’s mission statement.

    So that means that I’m an attractive, single female Libertarian under the age of 30 with a decent sense of humor – which statistically makes me… let’s see… impossible.

    So, Garrett – here I am. But better hurry: the odds, accordingly to Allison Brown, are about 100,000 to 1 in my favor.

    Somebody hand me my gun…

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