It’s your money to begin with, by the way.

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This very special piano was claimed as part of an IRS Property Seizure at the Buckhead mansion of the songwriter/recording artist. It is in outstanding condition and has been tuned recently.

It’s ironic that on Friday afternoon, just as the IRS was laying out Peabo Bryson’s personal belongings for a weekend garage sale, President Bush was saying these words before an audience of Home Depot employees in Maryland:

“When a person has more money in their pocket, they’re likely to come to Home Depot. If they have less money in their pocket, they may not come here. And so I worked with the Congress… We cut taxes on people. It’s your money to begin with, by the way.”

(Footnote: Billy Beck has rightfully damned the eyes of music commentator Joanne Huff for her notably scatterbrained take on Bryson’s situation. According to Huff, “While we wish Bryson the best of luck with his trials and tribulations, we also take this as a cautionary tale; just because you’ve sung with Celine doesn’t mean you can’t pay your income tax!”

Dreadful, yet, the likes Huff are the very people to whom rational evangelists would plead a case for liberty.)

8 thoughts on “It’s your money to begin with, by the way.”

  1. “A opiate soundbite for the masses.”

    Limbaughs, Hannitys, and Bushes soil the language when they say such things without meaning them.

    “The Democrats want to take your money” says Hannity, then he has a fit when someone doesn’t turn it over on demand.

  2. John V wrote:
    “It’s your money to begin with, by the way.”

    A opiate soundbite for the masses. V wrote:

    Technically Bush could be speaking honestly. He may be thinking that it’s your money to begin with- that is, for a few microseconds- then it becomes the government’s money to dispense with as it sees fit.

    The Republicans and Democrats are only arguing at that point on how much of the government’s money you get to use. Regardless of the platitudes, Bush, Limbaugh, and Hannity feel good about mouthing, the Republicans and Democrats, alike, know in their hearts that all of the money you earn really belongs to the government. The only debate is how much of what you earned, they allow you to use.

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