Guns, guns and well more guns

It’s official, it’s a crime to defend yourself. Melvin Spaulding found out just that (link courtesy The Advocates). As Tim Goodman said, “The use of a weapon to stop a confrontation is not the right way. He would have been better off calling 911.” Certainly Goodman has a point, had Spaulding not used his pistol, he and he friend may have been beaten up or killed, but at least he wouldn’t be in prison. This might remind some of Lester Campbell, and the similarities are striking. While there is some debate about how many defensive gun uses annually, it seems quite clear that punishing such would encourage rather than discourage crime. I doubt that there will be much disagreement about that.

Of course, real guns aren’t the only problem. Toy guns seem to be as much of a problem, especially when in the hands of aspiring rappers. Police in Britain, always ahead of their American counterparts, have already realized this problem. But don’t fret, the great and powerful Blair may take care of it.

And then there is tyranny of a very different sort. However, this type of tyranny is only mildly annoying. Not having much of a way to finish this, I suppose I can just drown the reader with links. Like the man in my backyard. Seems like his big mistake was turning in the money. But let’s face it, he was screwed no matter what, we all know how good the military is at finding people. But, surprisingly, guns aren’t the only thing that can lead to death (link courtesy my cousin). Finally, just in case you were wondering, cops can tell jokes too (link courtesy PFCIV).

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