Funny? Not Really.

This chick is in the local news, now. She’s the Hand Grenade Lady.

I note that the Canadians handled the matter with decency and sense. Can you imagine US cops doing likewise? This guy took his rifle a few dozen feet into the US across an unmarked border and got stuffed in the can – he’s only back home because he pled out. A Canadian Hand Grenade Lady would be likely get worse.

Every now and then, the utter goofiness of the government of the United States jumps up and smacks you in the face. It’d be funny, if it wasn’t so damn sickening.

3 thoughts on “Funny? Not Really.”

  1. John Lopez, unleashed and dangerous.

    I agree, some of the things the U.S. does are just plain silly, and are really funny until you realize it’s not some weird dream.

    I think most of Europe’s probably worse (in terms of sheer goofiness) though. Don’t know about Canada.

  2. “Every now and then…”

    You’re joking.

    How about most every day….

    It’s all part of the Divine Comedy.

    Dya suppose it could just be laughed outta existence, this universal mind-fuck?

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