lung – a faq!

Sabotta recently made the mistake of admitting that he ought to write a FAQ about lung, which I’m going to characterize as a firm promise to do so.

To help John get started I’m inviting admirers of lung to use the comments section her to post the questions they’d like to have answered about lung.

14 thoughts on “lung – a faq!”

  1. 1. When and where was lung born?
    2. Who created lung?
    3. Are the PowerPuff girls lungs?
    3. What are “tiny lungs”?
    4. Which presidents has lung served under and what did she think of each?

  2. Does lung like Pina Coladas?
    Getting caught in the rain?
    The feel of the ocean?
    Or the taste of champagne?

    And finally,

    What would lung drive?

  3. Lung & Donuts – Why the donut connection.

    Lung first manifested on the internet to torment a pea-brained addlepaited anti-semite named Wayne McGuire.

    For some reasom McGuire believed that lung was stalking him since lung mentioned donuts and Wayne apparently ate donuts or frequented a donut shop.

    At one point lung took pity on Wayne and told him that she would be happy and not be upset if he gave her donuts.

    lots and lots and lots of donuts.

    For some reason Wayne was never heard from again – at least under his old posting name and address.

    Yay For Lung!

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