An Unsurprising Turn Of Events

Lew Rockwell notes a tidbit about the famed anti-tax loon Irwinn Schiff:

Author Irwin Schiff, at war with the IRS for years over his aggressive claims that paying federal income tax is voluntary, may finally have turned defensive. In a back-tax-collection case in Las Vegas in January, Schiff told the court in a filing that he suffers from delusions, including a fantasy that he is the only person qualified to interpret federal income tax law. Schiff’s psychiatrist said Schiff has been paranoid for years, stemming from his having lost heavily in a tax shelter that turned out to be a Ponzi scheme.

I’m guessing that Schiff’s throwing in the towel, here. I’m only surprised that it took this long.

I have never, ever, understood the tax-protest movement. They seem to feel (not “think”, note) that the government of the United States will follow its own written rules if only they bravely sacrifice themselves for their “cause”. Morons, every one of ’em. When some activist is tangling hard with the government, they are making a bet that the government will judge them harmless enough to let alone. The Bonus Army marchers, for example, took the wrong end of that bet.

Despite my disdain for activists in general, I think I despise the so-called right wingers more than the leftoids. The right inevitably brings up the Constitution in the defense of their pet cause, and that is inevitably a losing game. They’re doing me a helluva disservice by conceding the premise that “the law” is indeed right and proper, and that “the law” ought to be followed. Some days, I wish that FedGovCo would just up and can the whole Bill of Rights, just so’s I could hear what the right-wingers would say. Not that I think they’d grow any principles or anything – they’d like as not spend the rest of their gulag years trying to prove that an undotted ‘i’ invalidated the whole thing, and could they have some freedom now, please? At least the tree-sitting hippies aren’t spending their time building legal precedents against themselves.

It looks like Schiff is going to join the rest of the sovreign-citizen-admirality-court-common-law-whatnot folks who came up too high on the radar. I hate to see it.

And no, I don’t see any way out, either. I judge that it’s far better to look for a tool, though, than it is to try to beat through stone walls with my head.

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