A Response To Schneider and Lopez

To the J. Lo and Mike S. not-so-massive massive:

Let’s start with a simple basic principle.

It’s wrong to kill people merely for publicly expressing a political opinion.

Even Nazis.

Even Yglesias.

Do you understand that? You have no right to fucking kill somebody for saying something – even something you don’t goddamned like- on their own goddamned blog or newspaper or privately-engraved-and-embossed-toilet-paper.

Because it’s theirs – not yours. Theirs. Do you understand that?

Now, I will say also that you will never have that right, no matter how many guns or pictures of guns or big-character-signs (provided courtesy of the late unlamented Red Guards) you wave around on the web or even in person.

Even if nobody else in the world agreed with me I would still say you had no right. And even if everyone else thought it was a wonderfully heroic and necessary deed,I would still say that you were nothing but a common murderer and thug because you had no right.

And don’t give me that “initiation of force” crap. Because if what Ygleisias did was an “initiation of force” then the term “initiation of force” means everything and therefore means nothing, and we should throw that phrase away like a dangerous booby-trapped toy that’s good for nothing but to kill and maim. A shadowy ever-expanding intepretation of language is exactly what totalitarianism runs on. So let’s not use that phrase anymore, if that what you propose to warp it into.

And if freedom can only be built on a foundation of terror and violent intimidation, on a foundation of ignoring the rights of some to build a kind of simalucrum of freedom for yourself – if your freedom requires that you do nothing but sit around waiting and for all I fucking know, hoping for some long-predicted catastrophe that will bring death and misery to innocent millions but might, maybe bring freedom to you – then I don’t want your freedom, I would be ashamed of such liberty and curse every single day that such a “free land” endured.

And I would not only be right to do so but prudent as well, because the blood of the innocent cries to Heaven for vengeance, (If you feel more comfortable substituting “reality” for “the vengeance of Heaven” go right ahead.)

Now, perhaps, having gotten all that straight, maybe you and Lopez can actually read what you write instead of playing “More-Radical/Cynical/Tough-Minded-Than-Thou” stupid-ass games, dropping childish and absurd dark hints of secret assasination, instead of waving around ballistic fucking clip art like a know-nothing talisman, instead of, to put it very plainly, acting like a couple of melodramatic, pseudo-bloodthirsty politically posturing fools.

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