Priesthood Powers From Heaven

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As long as we are predicting the future, let’s see what Bishop Koyle, founder and revelator of the Dream Mine has to say about the Future:

The Bishop said that if people could travel very far, this being the richest gold mine in the entire world anywhere, there would be many whores, gamblers, drunkards, confidence men, and what have you. All of them would be trying to make a stake for themselves. God will not permit this on His works.,

Taking the esoteric interpretation, I feel that this means that Kennedy, Patri and my friend Clint will be gamblers trying to batten off the virtuous stockholder Saints, but that they will be rebuked by Lynette (who informs me “I could empty their pockets in a no limit game”) and possibly lung.

“In the thirties the Bishop said that Russia would invade the eastern shores of Canada and the United States, and get as far as the Mississippi River, and that Priesthood powers from heaven would drive them out of the lands, and that Old Glory would always be safe. (See Doc. & Cov. Sec. 133:58.)”

Even if we substitute “traitors, jacobinites and objectionists” for “Russians”, can we not rest easy in the promise of Bishop Koyle?

“Old Glory will always be safe”

(Excerpts from Ogden Kraut’s RELIEF MINE II)

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