“Could it be an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator?”

Night Heron swooped in briefly to pose the above question during commentary at Who Tends the Fires regarding civil war.

Victor Davis Hanson did call it correctly, I think. There are going to be interesting times, but Hanson didn’t mention civil war because there will be life after November for the Left. Michael Moore will score another Oscar and even the most virulent contingent of lefties will still be happy as pigs in slime, complaining about Big This and Big That. They will luxuriate in their whinging about big box stores and global warming, all the while they’ll be obliviously plaguing the aisles of Walmart and comfortably carting their pinheaded little mutants about with them in their SUV’s and minivans.

And Bush won’t leave them behind. He has entitlements for All. There is still *so much* to go around. Goodies for All.

There will be Prilosec, too! Free or discounted Prilosec for the the liberty minded – the guys you often find grousing about freedom and taxes on RKBA forums – to extinquish any grumbling in their guts before it progresses into outrage. After all, they truly are good, travailing souls who have jobs, families and pension plans. They won’t be kicking over anything but the lawnmower any time soon, either.

And then there are a handful of individualists who will continue to plot their freedom strategies as independently of the collective libertarian struggle as they are of the collective leeches.

All this spells no need to brace yourselves for immediate disintegration just yet.

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