A Sharing Drink

A friend provides this new drink, suitable for the Age of Kerry:

I may deserve some of the responsibility here, as I was supplying both her and Clay with alcohol, including (as supplies dwindled) a “sharing drink,” which I expected them to split.

In Clay’s mind, I had provided him a “superdrink,” which he ran around and insisted other people try. I’d had the barest sip and distrusted my own work immediately, resolving to let the more reckless take care of it.

The recipe, if anyone wants to replicate it, is a splash of grapefruit juice, a couple-three ounces of margarita mixer, and an inch or so of Everclear, mixed in a plastic bottle. Cover mouth of bottle with the palm of your hand and shake, trusting the grain alcohol to defeat whatever may be on your skin.

One unintended result was that the Everclear started to defeat the plastic, producing a chemical look and taste. Several people asked if it was a container of Lysol.

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