Don’t Do It, C

Colby Cosh, apparently in a fit of delerium after being bitten by a rabid snow bear (they have those in Canadia, right?), was thinking of linking to the stinking blog.

Fortunately, the fever has broken, and sweet reason has prevailed.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Do It, C”

  1. Vdare isn’t as twisted as, say, MEChA. Even though I don’t agree with a lot of Vdare’s views on immigration, I do agree with them here: after 9/11, the world changed. Securing our borders is no longer a matter of being pro or anti-immigration. No, sir, it isn’t. It’s a matter of national security.

    My fellow Hispanics may accuse me of being a coconut (i.e., brown on the outside, white in the inside), but so be it. I’d rather be a living coconut than a dead one. =)

  2. Edgar: It’s a matter of national security.

    Given the stunning success of government in every other endeavor it blunders into, I’m not counting on professional jobholders and DMV-esque feebs to “secure” me from anything.

  3. I think Long pointed this out as well–some people think that the problems that perennially plague government solutions to problems magically go away when the problem is terrorism (or public roads, or health care, or postal services, etc).
    It’s also funny how 911 convinced many people that expanding government “services” was the only possible response; what more horrendous or spectacular failure of government can one point to but this case where 19 psychos altered the course of a nation of people virtually overnight?

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