Million Blog Blacklist?

The rules on the Mises blog warn that if you violate the rules “you risk being black listed, not only by but by the general blog blacklist used by millions of other blogs.”

Can anyone tell me anything about this general blog blacklist? I would think I’d have heard of it by now.

(Sabotta has never heard of it either. Try explaining that away.)

Update: Stedman explained that away when he passed me this link. Okay, so it’s just for comment spam. But even so, millions of blogs are using it?

9 thoughts on “Million Blog Blacklist?”

  1. I suspect the soft sinister Invisible Paw of H. Simon Kittay, the Mouthless One, (heavenly, terrestrial and infernal Hello Kitty, Sanrio character of a thousand forms, thirsty for the blood and terror of mortal men) is at work here. What dark game is She playing now?

    This bodes ill for

    Imagination is much stronger pressed by the terrors of Hell” – Lucio Fulci

  2. I use MT-Blacklist and it works well. Count me as one of the million! It filters based on the URLs it detects in the comment, so it doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be screwed every time you make a comment.

    post hoc warning!…

    I posted a few comments over there in the last week that referenced blogging I had done at my site. BAM! – they post that message. My apologies.

  3. Kinsella: I am a fucking loser and obsessed with the Mises Institute.

    Dood, everybody already knows this, but at least you’re honest enough to confess it publicly. I’ll consider that post to be step 1 in the Stephan Kinsella 12 Steps Back To Rational Thought program.

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