From Forth The Fatal Loins Of These Two Foes…

In an otherwise serious post (a post which in fact takes the prospects of libertarian think tanks and movements far too seriously…) Roderick Long stunningly opines:

Someday these two camps will put their quarrels behind them and unite; when they do, they will defeat the State.

The camps in question? The Mises Institute and The Cato Institute.

If the overall sober tone of the piece is in fact sandbagging intended to set the reader up for this howler then I commend Long on his comedic skill.

3 thoughts on “From Forth The Fatal Loins Of These Two Foes…”

  1. If the Mises Institue and the Cato Institute ever do unite, all they’ll accomplish is producing a yearly 200-page document outlining the most efficient way for Congress to keep out immigrants.

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