One thought on “Naked Girl With Cowboy Hat”

  1. Heh, as a young (27yrs old) male, I *LOVE* cowgirls; they are the best mixture of all features that I love in Women: beauty, fitness, intelligence, smartness, openness, some strength and courage (after all, cowgirls bear arms and ride horses). She’s a woman that is beautiful but not weak; delicate but not a a victim; and the blink of smartness in her eyes adds to her attractivity.

    To put it simply and straightforward: cowgirl is my ideal of woman. There are girls of this type in Poland, too (all in all, Polish women are among the most attractive in the world:). Heh, I’m single now, but I would love that a cowgirl became my girlfriend and partner.

    Heh, if you like this statement, you may use it as you wish, even to put it as your motto:)

    3 Cheerz For Cowgirls and For!
    In Liberty,

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