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In a bid for some much needed publicity, Libertarian Presidential candidate Mike Badnarik and Green Party hopeful David Cobb have been jailed in St. Louis for protesting the Bush – Kerry showdown.


Here, ya go, Mike, you deserve it. It’s the least I can do, expecially since I just can’t bother myself to vote anymore. (Cobb is still a commie rat, though, and will need to get his picture posted elsewhere.)

follow up:

This is why the LP drives me nuts:

01:47PM CT

I just talked with Mr. Badnarik. He was in his hotel room and eating some dinner.

He said that after he and Mr. Cobb were arrested, they were placed in a police van – then there was some delay as they threw some students in the van with them. The stories from two of them are posted in the prior two entries of this posting.

Mr. Badnarik says that they sat in a cell for one to one and a half hours. He reported that the fingerprinting process was not as thorough as he had expected.

They did not have to post any bail – but were given tickets for “trespass” and “refusing a reasonable order from a policeman”.

“He reported that the fingerprinting process was not as thorough as he had expected.” What the heck? Say what you like about market anarchists, but LP is chock full o’ weird.

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  1. He was probably expecting it to be much worse considering the bullshit charges they made against them. Hell, if I were going to jail, I would expect the worse possib;e treatment from this crazy ass country.

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