Unanswered Questions

Take a hard look at this comment thread: those are people gleefully supporting an action they recognize as wrong.

Every time I read something like that, I think back to Ayn Rand’s devestating question:

But what are the ‘conservatives’? What is it that they are seeking to ‘conserve?’

What d’you suppose the LGF’ers are seeking to ‘conserve’?

Tip: Matthew Bargainer.

6 thoughts on “Unanswered Questions”

  1. I suppose in the middle of a warzone between two Private Defense Companies in Anarcholand, where some enemies killed your friends by pretending to be dead, you would be soooo much better than this marine.

    It’s called UNDERSTANDING dumbshit. That is different than justifying. But where was your post about Iraqis cutting off people’s heads?

    But i forgot. Iraqi terrorists = private = blameless, US = state = evil. Did I get it right peabrain?

  2. Once again, “….” (if that’s your real name,) you’re either commenting on some other website, or commenting on this website without having actually read it. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to which.

  3. It’s called UNDERSTANDING dumbshit.

    You’ll note, careful and intelligent observer you are, that:

    a) I’m not passing judgement on the shooter
    b) The LGF’ers are indeed doing so.

    My judgement of them stands — I see you can’t answer the question posed.

  4. My favorite was this gem of a comment from “citizensoldier”:

    “Gang–this individual will most likely NOT go to jail if a smart military lawyer gets hold of him. His big mistake, along with his comrades was to start talking to the media. Yes he was stressed and had been shot in the face the day before but under the Geneva conventions he is allowed to defend himself. The day prior and even after this specific incident insurgents were blowing themselves up when a soldier came close to tend to their wounds. There were also incidents of boobytrapped bodies……the shooting was totally justified..”

    Of course, this reasoning would justify shooting any Iraqi anywhere at any time in cold blood since they “might” have a bomb on them. Kill them all; God will know his own.

  5. Marines shoot insurgent who was ‘playing dead’

    The US military says Marines in Fallujah have shot and killed an insurgent who engaged them as he was faking being dead, a week after footage of a marine killing an apparently unarmed and wounded Iraqi caused a stir in the region.

    “Marines from the 1st Marine Division shot and killed an insurgent who while faking dead opened fire on the marines who were conducting a security and clearing patrol through the streets,” a military statement said.


  6. The US military says Marines…

    Um, anytime you want to make a point or anything, feel free to do so. If, as Stedman suggested, you could dial in your focus just a few orders of magnitude, that’d be cool too. Quick overview: read the weblog post. Comprehend the post, asking questions if necessary. Comment with something topical.

    Think you’re up to the task?

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