A World-Renowned Scholar Of Great Renown

One of my favorite bits in the Hoppe flap was in a letter from Tom Woods:

Dear President Harter:

I am a Columbia University Ph.D. and the author of a recent New York Times bestseller on American history. I join the rest of the academic community in calling upon you to overturn your university’s punitive measures against the world-renowned Hans-Hermann Hoppe, a scholar of great renown whom you should be thankful to have on your faculty.

Is it just me, or is Hoppe primarily world-renowned on Lew Rockwell’s web sites?

8 thoughts on “A World-Renowned Scholar Of Great Renown”

  1. You mean on Hoppe’s own site? Okay, I’ll grant he’s world-renowned on his own site too.

    Nothing about this grates on me Kinsella, I just think it’s funny that a New York Times bestselling author has to tell us Hoppe is renowned twice in one sentence.

  2. It looks more to me like a small mistake.
    And, while I have some problems with Hoppe’s ideas, one does admit that his schedule for the next summer is rather busy.

  3. J.T. Kennedy,

    Well, in Poland, Prof. Hoppe is the most well-known and influential libertarian. Hoppe’s books have been translated into many different languages, and sell world-wide. This wouldn’t happen if he wasn’t influential. And why is it that a NYT best-selling author has high praise to say of Prof. Hoppe in the first place?

    David J. Heinrich

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