Apathy, um, wins?

After a 19.7% voter turnout resulted in the incumbent mayor being on top in the local primaries, with 34% of that 19.7%, the local free paper ran the headline, “Apathy Wins”.

Um, no, folks, if you took notice of the fact that apathy won by a 4:1 landslide, there would be no mayor, nor city government for that matter. Those who vote for “please just leave me alone” are never permitted to just drink their own beer, and they never will be, as long as electoral politics allow the few to rule the many.

5 thoughts on “Apathy, um, wins?”

  1. Henrico County is just outside of Richmond, Virginia. Yesterday 14 per cent of eligible voters there approved 350 million dollars worth of municiple bonds. 14 percent was the total turn out, not the total who voted in favor of the tax/bonds, so less than ten per cent voted in favor. Nevertheless, the worship of democracy continues…

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