Dogs and Bikers

A few years ago, about a block from my apartment on the way to work, there were three dogs which chased me if I was on my motorcycle, several times a week. Two were good-sized — a golden retriever and an equally large mutt. The ringleader, however, was a yippy, 20-lb white short-haired mix. The other dogs were always about 10 yards behind him. These chases occurred right outside a mobile home, in a city with a leash law. See how the law protected me?

I ordered pricey “shoots 30 feet!” pepper spray just for them. Apparently, “shoots 30 feet!” only works downhill with the wind at your back, because it went out like 5 feet from the bike as I shot it sideways, before turning into a useless dribble.

One day, however, I came around the blind corner immediately before the dogs, and they were already standing in the road too close for me to stop. I straightened the bike up and gave it a little gas just like the MSF teaches, to lighten the front end. I wasn’t consciously aiming for the mutt, but there was a thump-bump that barely disturbed the bike, and the little bastard was rolling along the road in my rearviews.

I watched for a second, saw he was still, then noticed that the people I assumed “owned” these dogs were out in their trailer’s front yard–a man and a 8-10 year old kid. The man was walking towards the dog, and knew I would have to ride by every day so I did a U-turn, intending apologize. As I got closer, the guy nudged the dog with his toe, looked at me, shook his head, and waved me off.

I swear I didn’t do the happy dance until I got home.

Why do I relay this story? Well, I’ve killed a dog on my motorcycle, but not in the totally badass way that this guy did. Awesome. Like every sane man should, he took matters into your own hands, rather than waiting for the police to save him.

A side point, I would hazard a guess that, if the dog was dumped purposefully as the story describes, and didn’t just fall accidentally, the asshole who did it decided it was less risky to himself to do it this way than to shoot the dog and bury it in his backyard. Now, why would that be? Could it be… illegal?

P.S. to haters… I have nothing against dogs. I have a beautiful 70 lb shepherd mix that we rescued from a pound. However, I have no problems with killing animals that are trying to kill or injure me, or that I intend to eat.

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  1. Great story you linked to. Only thing that could have made it better is if the guy had gotten back on his bike and tracked down the former owner of the dog and strangled him as well. If you don’t want an animal, find another home or put it down. At the very least, abandon it in a way that doesn’t involve a 50 mph engadgement with pavement. As much as I think the original guy was justified in strangling the animal, I can see how the animal was probably out of its mind in the first place from being thrown from a moving car and I have to admit some sympathy for it.

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