The Real Reason Some People Want Closed Borders

The bane of the lazy and stupid

Above: Lorenzo Santillan, Oscar Vazquez, Cristian Arcega, and Luis Aranda, illegal immigrant high school students from Arizona who beat the team from MIT at the 2004 MATE National ROV Championship.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Now, consider the words of one Ira Mehlman, foe of illegal immigrants:

Some immigration activists don’t see it that way. Ira Mehlman, the Los Angeles-based media director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, successfully lobbied against the [allow-college-money-to-go-to-illegals] legislation last year. He says it will put citizens and legal immigrants in direct competition for the limited number of seats at state colleges. “What will you say,” he asks, “to an American kid who does not get into a state university and whose family cannot afford a private college because that seat and that subsidy have been given to someone who is in the country illegally?”

Ira, you see, is afraid of direct competition with illegal immigrants. I can understand, even if I don’t sympathize with, his reasoning:

If people were allowed to compete solely on the basis of merit, rather than whether or not they had some sort of government priviledge, then what would happen to folks like him?

Tip: Claire Wolfe

Update: Claire has more on the subject courtesy of an MIT grad.

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  1. In my decade of libertarian discussions and debate, I have yet to hear an anti-immigrant position that at it’s essence in principles did not boil down to “I just don’t like those brown-skinned other people”

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