Another Victory In The War On Terror

Military targets illegal gas sales (Bolding mine):

On any day in many Iraqi cities, men with plastic containers full of gas line the roads outside gas stations, offering the same product for a much higher price but faster. Motorists pull up, hand a wad of dinars out the window, and wait as the bootlegger fills the tank using a funnel and a hose.

Filling your tank illegally takes only minutes, but costs as much as 8,000 dinars ($5.50), whereas a legal tank of gas might cost half as much, but requires hours of waiting in lines that stretch as long as a half-mile.

In Nineveh and Diyala provinces, U.S. troops are shutting down bootleggers and giving their gas away for free in an effort to control the price of gasoline, protect the livelihoods of gas-station owners and employees, and in the long term, reduce the wait and encourage investment in gas distribution.

Government agents with guns interfering in peaceful commerce?

Sounds like America.


3 thoughts on “Another Victory In The War On Terror”

  1. > Sounds like America.

    Nobody complains when hotels charge more during the tourist season. Nobody says the airlines are “gouging” when they up the prices for flights over the holidays. Why should it be a crime to charge more for a quick fill-up when gas lines are long?

    Oh, wait. I just noticed John’s last emphasis: “shutting down bootleggers … in an effort to control the price of gasoline.” Now it becomes clear: if unlicensed entities take a cut of the profits, there won’t be enough left for those who really need it …

  2. Bithead,

    My guess would be that they’re standing in line and buying it at the gas stations. Some people would rather spend more money for convenience, some people would rather trade their time for money.

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