Cry Me A River

Creepy liberal bloggers, not content with having thrown all those Soros millions down the toilet, must have more and newer equipment to battle Bushitler! See them whine vigorously here. A sampling of a few of the more hilarious excerpts:

I decided to take the laptop out for a spin, because I had some errands to run and I’m having dnner in Hoboken with friends. So I wouldn’t have time to go home. Besides,this sucker needs a field test before summer. My current laptop bag config needs adjusting. Toshibas run large, so while what I had was fine for a ThinkPad, it’s a tight fit for my new Toshiba. Which means yet another new bag.The laptop bag I have is fine for day trips, but would be uncomfortable on a DC/Boston trip, much less going out West. It won’t fit my Tom Bihn laptop case, for one thing, and that’s an essential for distance travel.

Oh noes! Laptop/bag incompatibility! The suspicious observer will note that the fighting liberal in the photo seems to actually be using a Apple PowerBook, and one of the pricier examples at that – but maybe ol’ George can be persuaded that it’s actually a late-nineties 386 Compac!

Okay, here comes the pitch, boys and girls:

I had dinner with Bob Brigham, executive director of BlogPAC. Technically, since I’m a board member, he works for me. And I explained how he was consistently broke working in Democratic politics.To the point where he didn’t have a working laptop.

When I said it was silly he didn’t have access to a $2000 laptop, people thought that was a bit pricey.

Well, let me explain. When Bob goes on the road for us, or we have people at a conference, they need to have reliable equipment. Jen occasionally goes on the road and has a ThinkPad. Her work machine is about $3K. Why? Because when she shows up as a lawyer, she needs a lawyer’s machine. Something powerful enough to conduct a road show. Now, she doesn’t do it much, but she does it.

A lawyer’s machine! Not some two-bit piece of crap the likes of which must satisfy the common herd. “She doesn’t do much, but she does it – and she needs to do it in style”

Now here’s the classic part, right here. Watch where the pea goes under the cup, now:

When we eventually go to the money people, we need to be professional. We need to have a professional plan, with professional people willing to do professional work. This bake sale mentality is no longer acceptable.

And do you know how I came to this conclusion?

From listening to you.

For years, I tried to cut corners. And finally, you guys said “get new equipment, it will make things easier. You won’t have to worry about your machines andit won’t eat up time.”

Your generousity made me see things differently.

Yes, I, Steve, only want this extra stuff because you told me you want it! All those cards and letters begging me to upgrade! I’ve resisted as long as I could but in the end I am but liberalism’s humble suffering servant! Now send in those dollars – after all, I’m just doing what you want and have already agreed to!”

Here we have people who believe (or want us to think they believe) that Bush and the Republicans are the equivilent of Hitler and the Nazis – but they won’t even think about hitting Omaha Beach without getting that tacky old ThinkPad replaced.

It’s nice to know, though, that their basic dishonesty extends even to their dealings with each other.

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