Vote for my girlfriend

In these horrible latter days of the Law, when disaster and doom threaten on all sides, only one thing still matters: I need a woman. The so-called “Smoking Gun” website has provided a handy lineup of Florida sweethearts; I will confess to a certain partiality for the adorably cheerful Scarvelli, Shannon A. or the ethereal and lovely creature seen below:

More relevant to No Treason, perhaps, is the demonstrated stupidity of the blue-uniformed gang of thugs and criminals known as “the police”. Note how, in the picture above, the bastards can’t even spell the word “prostitution” correctly.

Sorry, Dear Karen, but you had your chance.

4 thoughts on “Vote for my girlfriend”

  1. Haha.

    John, Hm. Curious if there is anyone reason why you chose mugshots from Tampa, FL.. Ironically that’s where I’m at now lol..

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