14 thoughts on “I Feel Safer Already”

  1. The British ad has been running since 2002. How secure beneath watchful eyes the 07/07 plotters must have felt.

    “Report any unusual activities to the nearest conductor”

    So we can send our boys over to hold ’em down and peg ’em in the head a few times.

  2. The artwork reminds me of propaganda from certain totalitarian states of the 1930’s. The British poster looks like something you might see in “Airstrip One” ca. 1984 (alternate reality). The Baltimore poster shows some very non-PC clean-cut, strong-jawed, sharp-nosed Aryans; although the third rider seems to have slightly brownish skin.

    Are these real?

  3. I wish Saginaw had a mass transit system just so I could see some of these things. I’m sure ours would feature that “all the colors of the rainbow” theme that everything around here has, complete with the purple guy.

    Here’s a little hint though, if you actually get a chance to legally acquire one of these for a reasonable price… do it. Assuming that money still exists in some farflung future and we’re not all herded to and from workcamps to build monuments to our duly elected-anointed President-God, those are going to be major collectibles somewhere down the road.

  4. Well you could try acquiring them illegally but if they were ever worth any real money the legal owner is just going to seize them back if you try to sell them.

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