Casey Sheehan – Just Following Orders

The big anti-war tent outside the Crawford ranch is on its way to surpassing the Winchester Mystery House for blind stairwells and bizarre additions. Today Mother Sheehan added a few more curious wings to Camp Casey, welcoming in Hamas, tax protesters, impeachment advocates, and those who would prosecute American military leaders for war crimes.

It’s inevitable that those who mock and villify Mother Sheehan will be quick to criticize her for corpse dragging. They’ll make statements to the effect that she’s defiling her son’s memory by making him the centerpiece of her roadside freak show, but, as Radley Balko points out, how can they know the mind of Casey Sheehan better than his own mother? How can they know that Army Spc. Sheehan did not feel that he was complicit in war crimes? Certainly he volunteered to participate in Bush’s criminal war, but he was, after all, just following the orders of the architects of war crimes. He was only doing their bidding, albeit quite willingly, when he died in Iraq.

While it’s true that poor Casey’s corpse would have fared better had it been dropped from a helicopter onto the streets of Mogadishu, if Mother Sheehan wants to enlist her own son into a posthumous war against George Bush, who is Michelle Malkin to malign her for it?

note: Yet another weird addition has materialized along the Crawford roadside attraction in the form of David Duke’s stamp of approval. Mother Sheehan’s demand for Israel’s withdrawl from Palestine has met with the former Grand Dragon’s passionate endorsement of the protest.

7 thoughts on “Casey Sheehan – Just Following Orders”

  1. I was gonna’ post something erudite here, but then I heard my watch’s second-hand ticking away, quite audibly. Fact is, by the time I finish this post, Cindy’s fifteen-minutes’ of fame will have passed, so I suppose there’s little more to be said. Back to Karl Rove, now–or would we rather talk “global warming,” or the tragic demise of the snail-darter?

    Which is it now, my libbie friends?

    What’ll be your “beef-of-the-day” in the next round of your ongoing kulturkampf?

    Oh, God!! Unwittingly, I’ve just taken a bite from a Red Delicious tainted with “Alar.” Dear God, now I’m only gonna’ live to be 76.2 instead of 76.3!

  2. The google count for Cindy Sheehan has almost doubled from an average daily of just under 6 million hits during the ‘sit in’ at Camp Casey to a high of over 10 million hits when the show went on the road.

    The “Fifteen minutes of fame” has stretched out some.

    Iâ??ve been following the popularity index and reporting locally here:

    Please consider commenting on the future consequences associated with this collective force.

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