Meaghan Walker-Williams: Blanked Out Times?

Today Meaghan Walker-Williams apparently lowered the curtain on one of the most elaborate productions of sock puppet theater I’ve seen. The link to her group blog [Warning: As of 8/25/05 MWW’s site has been replaced with a porn link site, which may not be work safe for you. ] Blank Out Times appears dead, though the blog can still be seen in Google’s cache.

Meaghan has posted comments here at No Treason under her own name and also as her sock puppet Edward T. Bear of Blank Out Times. When I asked her yesterday to confirm that Edward T. Bear was her sock puppet she responded here:

Anybody who wants to claim that anonymously blogging is inherently wrong, or that somebody who has a fucking nutcase white supremacists trailing them on the internet that is willing to make false allegations of sexual abuse against you in order to score points in discussion should just leave themselves OPEN for that kind of malignant and malicious behavior…

Well… that’s your choice.

Do you know where I live John? Do you know about the Florida Department of Children and Family Services? What do you expect will happen to me and my children, if some FREEPER asshole decides to take Kate McMillan’s criminal defamatory libel, and accusations of criminality against me to the next level? Would you look at the climate that we live in John. Take a good long look at this blog, and what’s happening to Cindy Sheehan and her children. These people have NO compunction whatsoever about reaching past their computer screens and making you *pay* for saying things that they don’t like.

And that’s exactly why I started to post Anonymously. Billy actually knows some of the reasons. And he might fill you in on them, if he’s still talking to you at this point.

I don’t have any objection to anonymous blogging. We have anonymous bloggers at No Treason. But Meaghan’s explanation doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny. Meaghan didn’t stop posting comments as herself when she started posting as Edward T. Bear; she posts as *both* – even in a single comment thread – to various sites, including No Treason. And what she posts as the bear isn’t noticeably more inflammatory than what she posts under her own name.

And if Edward T. Bear and Blank Out Times were created primarily to insulate Meaghan then it seems pretty stupid to have them draw attention to Meaghan’s own flame wars.

Meaghan Walker-Williams as Edward T. Bear
“They have tied me to a stake;
I cannot fly,
But, willy nilly silly ol’ bear-like, I must fight the course.
What’s he That was not born of woman?
Such a one Am I to fear, or none.” — MWWbeth


(8/20/05): Apparently finding the irony of blanking out her Blank Out Times insufficient, Meaghan Walker-Williams is now blogging as Meaghan Champion of Not Reason. You can’t make this stuff up.

(8/30/05) : Meaghan Walker-Williams has created a Wikipedia page for blogger Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals, with whom Meaghan is obsessed. I doubt that Meaghan’s old usenet adviser Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales intended Wikipedia to be used for such pursuit of personal vendettas.

Jimbo Wales to Meaghan Walker in 1996(!):

When you behave as you do, angry and yelling and cussing at people, _that’s all that innocent bystanders will remember of you_. And they are likely (and quite properly so) to conclude that your opponent must have had you on the ropes, logically speaking, so that all you could do was hurl insults. After all, if you knew what you were talking about and could prove it, why would you just go around insulting people?


Of course I looked for my own Wikipedia entry but Meaghan hasn’t gotten around to that yet. She does link to No Treason in her Wikipedia user page.

(4/30/06) : Here’s a feed for 16 blogs Meaghan currently has open for business. Let me know if you find any more, I’ll add them to the feed.

192 thoughts on “Meaghan Walker-Williams: Blanked Out Times?”

  1. Meaghan,

    You said you were posting anonymously. You said it today. Read your own words.

    You did take the site down today, didn’t you? Why, if you weren’t posting anonymously?

    lung is real and I have proof: lung left a message on my answering machine.

  2. As Anonymously as Lung.

    Were you ever there when Lung actually was invented?

    Do you recall Wayne McGuire?

    Everybody on the group knew who Lung was *except* Maguire.

    Sure, I was anonymous…
    To assholes like Kate McMillan.

    But to my friends… including Mike Schnieder who actually contributed there, after you kicked him out of here…

    I wasn’t anonymous at all.

    Anymore anonymous than Sabotta is, when he posts as *lung*

  3. I took the site down, because 2 of the other contributors told me that they did not want their anti-war commentary to be linked to their names, in the current climate that we live in.

    That would be Eeyore and Tigger.

    I had told people on the blog for months that if Pooh was outed that Eeyore and Tigger would no longer blog because those were the conditions under which they were willing to blog at all.

    And so within an hour of your little *gaming session* John, the Blank Out Times, was *blanked out*

    There’s a reason that libertarians won’t get anywhere in the world. And it’s got nothing to do with “movementatians” and your blatherings about rational evangelism.

    And that’s because there are too many libertarian *dinks* like you, Kennedy.

    People who mouth the words, but have never actually thought their way thru things.

    For instance…

    I keep asking you and you keep avoiding it..
    Your support for Scientologists crank Dr.Piazza weilding the state against Diane Hsiah. You said he has a “right” to do so. That Diane Hsieh and fellow libertarians shouldn’t be free to practice freedom of association, by not supporting scientologists and their crazed cult and boycotting the business.

    Anytime you want to answer that, and the ethics of it, I’ll be happy to talk about my own ethical lapses in blogging anonymously… like *lung*

  4. Oh and speaking of ethics..

    Thanks for taking my stuff off of your No Treason website when I asked. It was nice of you at the time to honor my right to dispose of the production of my mind, as I saw fit.

    And you know goddamn well.. what I am talking about here.

  5. Eeyore and Tigger aren’t my family.

    And.. the one thing *I* did with the Blank Out Times, was to document the mendacity over a period of 7 months of the person who was in fact making these fallicious and criminal defamatory libels about me.

    It’s still documented.

    So if some prick ever does take Kate McMillan’s “game” to the next level, I’ve got the proof of how many times this woman has told lies about me, and her charming thoughts on Indians, and their children, at my disposal. ie her proposal that “Canada needs institutions to lock up the indian activists and apologists”

    The whole thing was for myself, a means of self-defence against a miserable cunt that actually boasted about how she was going to do anything she possibly could to destroy my life, or business/career with her spurious allegations.

    And trust a Weasle like you, with your enthusiasm for the cult of Scientologists who do this to people ALL the time, do whatever they can to destroy the “subversives/critics” of scientology” to ejaculate over yourself at the prospect of it going down again to somebody who has criticized *you*

  6. Eeyore and Tigger aren’t my family.

    Who said they were? I was referring to the explanation you gave for your use of a sock puppet – you mentioned the Florida Department of Children and Family Services and implied attacks on Mother Sheehan’s family. I assumed you were saying your concern there was for your family as well as yourself.

    Now you give another explanation that doesn’t make sense. You could have done all the same documentation without a sock puppet.

  7. MWW:

    And so within an hour of your little *gaming session* John, the Blank Out Times, was *blanked out*

    There’s a reason that libertarians won’t get anywhere in the world.

    Because they have to hide behind sock puppets on the Internet? Because they can’t either decide to act like real adults and back what they say with their real name, or have the simple self-discipline to stay anonymous?

    Gots to eat your “blogland” cake and then have it too, eh Meaghan?


    That’s where the vast majority of libertarians’ problems lie: you’re trying to instantiate a contradiction, and now you’re all pissed that it’s come crashing down around you.

  8. Kennedy: Since you’ve unceremoniously shut down Schneider’s blogging venue I’m lifting the ban on him here for the rest of the month.

    Gonna give me a taste of the one pure crack again, only to wickedly withdraw it at 12:00AM 9/1?

    I’ll have to split and ration that rock very carefully….

  9. It’s been a while since I’ve written a song parody, but Old Home Week has me waxing nostalgic. This one is to the tune of House At Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins:

    Blog At Pooh Corner?

    Edward T. Bear knows not how to compare,
    has her head all the way up her ass.
    I heard her say “This is Auschwitz today,
    and you might as well pour on the gas.”
    So I sent her to ask of the Owl, if he’s there,
    how to loosen her head from her own derriere.

    So help her if you can, to find a blog,
    now that her blog at Pooh Corner is gone.
    You’d be surprised there’s so much to be done:
    More infowar to be planned!
    Misapplications of Rand!
    Integrate context, then serve a subpoena or two…

    [Note: It’s been brought to my attention that some of the kids (and here I’m speaking of Lopez) aren’t familiar with the song. You can listen to a good sample of it here where it’s called Return To Pooh Corner.]

  10. I outed her at Angry At The Great White North. That’s why she pulled it back under her rock.

    But I will add one observation – it won’t take any Freeper to bring Florida family services to her door.

    Simply cruising the net and counting the hundreds of comments and blog posts she’s made in the past few months would lead most reasonable people to conclude that this is a woman who is spending a hell of lot more time on the internet than she is caring for her child.

    Add to that her claims to have filed hate crimes charges against me, the rabid posts as “drugcop” to my site (one which threatened my physical safety), threats to have Raskolnikov fired, and the raging paranoia of threads like this – and maybe someone should at least call her husband to let him know what she’s been up to.

    She ain’t healthy.

  11. Kate, welcome to No Treason.

    You should fit right in.

    You forget Kate, that right after you made your first criminal defamatory libel of me, on Dec 31st, that I immediately reported your false allegation of sexual abuse, to Constable Paranteux of the Delisle Detachment of the RCMP.

    It’s documented.
    And there are witnesses to your libelous comments… in the form of my husband, Ian Scott, Jay Jardine, Kevin Michael Grace, and various other friends of mine who have watched this all play out since you made your first libel against me… attempting to suggest that I was engaged in some sort of impropriety with my son.

    Your subsequent false allegations have also been documented.
    In fact, every single time you write a post, alleging this sort of thing about me, and attempting to try to push a button and bring the government down on me for disagreeing with you about your suggestions that “Canada needs institutions to lock up Indian activists and apologists”
    It’s all going into a nice little file with the authorities in Canada, and now here in Florida too.

    Now… why don’t you tell the good folks here at “No Treason” about how “Canada needs institutions to lock up the Indian activists and apologists”

    And why you suggest that Marc Emery deserved a harsher than his 2 month prison sentence for passing a joint to an adult at a pro-pot rally in Saskatoon

    And that you support the extradition of Marc Emery to America for what will probably be a life/death sentence in American prisons for selling marijuana seeds…

    And how Michael Moore should have been “locked up” for expressing an opinion in the middle of the last election…

    And your sanction and endorsement of the Minuteman movement..

    And your support of the draft…

    And your suggestion that Canada needs to recreate government run residential schools for Indian children…

    And your suggestion about Angolans in Africa, suffering from the Marburg Virus “Isn’t there a point where she can stop feeling sorry for these people and just shut down the borders and let nature take it’s course?”

    And your suggestion that when David Millgaard spent 20+ years in prison for a crime he actually didn’t commit, that you said this was an “occupational hazard” of having criminal thoughts, (not actually committing them.. but merely intending to)

    That should keep the “No Treason” people occupied for the next few months…

    Hey Kennedy.. that should be a clue-by-four for ya.
    Billy Beck, Rob Robertson, Mike Schnieder, Myself have all pretty much become so digusted with you, that nobody wants
    to play your “why is the sky blue” rhetorical games anymore.

    But.. that’s ok..
    You can trade them in for KKKate McMillan

    She’s clearly more at your “level”.

  12. Oh, and Kate…

    The Florida Child and Family services, as well as Constable Parenteaux at the Deslisle RCMP detachment were actually quite amused at the last false allegation of “neglect” that you made over at Angry in the Great White North’s blog.

    You see… the funny thing is,At the exact same time that you were complaining about how much time I was spending on the internet… my 11 year old son was just finishing up spending 2 weeks with my husband’s parents at their farm in Eustice.

    Boy yeeha… my poor poor 11 year old son… riding horses, feeding goats and pigs, helping work on the barn, and being spoiled silly by his step-grandparents. He earned enough money to buy over 100 Yugioh Cards!

    I’m such a terrible mother for subjecting him to all that, fresh air, work on the farm, budgeting, saving up, responsibility and fun!

    But you just go right ahead, making all this shit up about me…

    I particularly enjoy when you make up likes about me “threatening you”.

    Especially since you have erased the comment that you claim was allegedly a threat from me.

    Was that when *drugcop* suggested that the Native Youth in Canada whom you think need to be sent to government run residential schools, might be interested in what you have to say about them and your Indian policy ideas?

    I mean.. if your idea about recreating the Government run Residential Schools is such a wonderful one, and that you
    really think it deserves to be discussed, and you seriously
    are advocating for it to happen… don’t you think at some point the native youth in Canada are going to know… um…
    where the idea came from? You say that you “care” about Indian kids.. and that’s why you want to bring back the residential schools… And yet, you don’t “care* enough it would seem to want them to perhaps sit down and discuss the
    idea with you.

    Or… are you afraid of any actual native youth, or native parents knowing that this is what you have proposed… internment for their kids?

    When drugcop asked those questions of you… why did you claim that was a “threat”.

    Is it a “threat” for somebody to simply let other people know what native policy plans you have proposed?

    Oh… and then there is the whole “threat” that you claim was made about the anonymous blogger Raskolnikov…

    Raskolnikov wrote many many months ago that the reason he did not post under his real name was because he was afraid of losing his job in the Indian Act industry that he works for.

    Is reposting that comment of his.. and asking him if he’s ready to come out of hiding and stop being a “parasite” a “threat”?

    The only reason I asked is because it was around the time that you called *me* a parasite, even though I have never collected one thin red dime from the Indian Act industry… and yet your cooperating anonymous Indian Raskolnikov has
    admitted he works for the Indian Act Industry.

    Seriously Kate.. you really need to ask yourself why it is that you have such objections to people reposting your words, or Raskolnikov’s words?

    If I’m a parasite, what does that make Raskolnikov?

    And further to that… if my asking a question about why Raskolnikov continues to hide behind your skirts is based on
    his lack of conviction in his own statements about the evils of the Indian Act industry, is a threat…

    *Then* so would all of your many many comments over a long period of time falsely accusing me of sexual abuse of my children, and neglect.

    I’m easy Kate… you can have it one way.. or you can have it the other way… but you don’t get to play it *both* ways.

    I have met *you* Kate, on exactly the terms that you engaged me. I will continue to meet you, post for post.

    If you don’t like it, or you feel “threatened” by somebody who is merely reposting your words, and alerting indian organizations, groups, and parents in Canada to your suggestions that Indians and their kids need to be interned, then I think maybe you should ask yourself why that would be.

    Since you delete any comments on your blog that point out how flawed, ignorant, and evil your propositions about Indian people in Canada is… and then you are reduced to spoofing
    addresses to errect Straw-men to beat up…

    Well… I think, perhaps all that penetrating psychological analysis would be better spent on… um…. yourself.

  13. Hey John…

    How many times did I go sticking my nose into your and Lynette’s privacy?

    I could have.

    I could have blabbered all I wanted about her sudden departure from California to her new life with “The Dalton Gang”(h/t McP). But I never did.

    Because I had a respect for her privacy.

    I don’t blame *you* for my little situation here with KKKate McMillan. Nothing I have written suggests that I do.

    This mess between myself and this bigot is something that’s been going on for over a year. And you had nothing to do with it…. Until you decided to play silly buggar again over at Angry in the Great White North’s blog, and stick your nose into this mess.

    Well… now you’ve done it John.
    You’ve brought the most loathesome creature that I’ve ever
    encountered in a decade on the internet into your little playground.

    You are really in for a treat.
    McMillan has all the squishyness of The Maine Mosquite Professor-boy Erb. And then she has all the mendacious stupidity combined with pretensiousness of BagBoy Lochner.
    And to top it off, she could beat Gandalf Grey in an agit-prop war, hands down…She actually has to have people
    blog-babysit for her, when she needs a weekend off.

    And then the REALLY hilariously disgusting thing is
    If you see the positions she has taken above consider that she actually describes herself as a libertarian influenced by Rand.. it is parody almost.

    And now.. she’s all *yours*. I think she’s even taken to
    calling herself one of these “neo-libertarians” as well.

    Have fun with her.

    “play nice, children”

  14. “and maybe someone should at least call her husband to let him know what she’s been up to”

    Here’s another one of Kate’s *lies* in action. Kate first started making this suggestion about somebody calling my husband because she alleges that I am *craaazy* over at Angry’s blog a few weeks back. My husband actually did respond to her on that thread… She just ignored it.

    Ian Scott, over at, another canadian anarcho-libertarian, who provides internet service for
    our company, then responded to her and said he had spoken to
    both myself and my husband, and that her comment out of line.

    Again.. she just ignores this.

    Not content to let it go, she then took to heading over to Ian’s blog, and blabbing away about how “crazy” he was, for not agreeing with her… about both me, and about her “brave” position on recreating residential schools for indian children in Canada.

    Hey Kate. This is the phone number of our business here in Florida. 352-687-1247. Why don’t you give it a call, and ask to speak to either my husband, Charles Champion, or our employee Vanessa (another libertarian friend) who works for us in that capacity.

    Be my guest KKKate.

  15. My brothers used to entertain themselves by taking a can of diesel fuel down to the pasture, pouring it on anthills, then lighting it.

    I confess I never saw the appeal – until now.

  16. How many times did I go sticking my nose into your and Lynette’s privacy?

    I’ve never found it necessary to use nyms or sock puppets because I don’t key in anxiety about what’s said regarding my private life. That’s why, to me, the type of nonsense that you and Kate are flinging at each other amounts to little more than background noise.

  17. “They have tied me to a stake; I cannot fly, But, willy nilly silly ol’ bear-like, I must fight the course. What’s he That was not born of woman? Such a one Am I to fear, or none.” — MWWbeth

  18. By modern morality, the sport of bear-baiting is a repugnant form of blood sport: a bear would be chained to a post in the ring, still able to move, but not escape, and a rat terrier would be set on the animal. Spectators would bet on whether it would be the rat terrier or the bear that would survive the vicious fight that ensued.

    Some of the bears were unfortunate enough to have long and bloody careers, becoming stars in their own right. Edward T. Bear was one such animal and was immortalized in Shakespeare’s “MWWbeth.”

  19. MWW:

    Since you delete any comments on your blog that point out how flawed, ignorant, and evil your propositions about Indian people in Canada is… and then you are reduced to spoofing
    addresses to errect Straw-men to beat up…

    Well… I think, perhaps all that penetrating psychological analysis would be better spent on… um…. yourself.

    Whereas, deleting entire weblogs, spoofing alternate personalities, and blatantly ignoring the subject matter of posts like some kinda DB, those are… um… normal?

  20. For extra fun, folks should google some of the parting shots between Martin McPhillips and Kennedy.

    Where Kennedy beat upon his chest with how all these people whom he had collected for his little weblog took him seriously….and that’s why Martin should *deal* with him.

    It’s actually hilarious in the context of how this all played out.

    Tim Starr, Rob Robertson, Mike Schnieder, Myself, Billy Beck….

    And then there were 3.

  21. Yep,

    Ok Lopez. I’ll play. Ernest Brown, Kendrick McPeters, Mike Schnider, Rob Robertson, Jay Jardine, Ian Scott, Jay Currie, The London Fog none of them ever really existed.

    They were All *Me*.

    You figured it out Lopez.

    You go to the head of the “Not reason” class.

  22. “Why are you so dishonest, Meaghan?”

    Am I being dishonest, Lopez?

    Is asking endless series of pointless questions, that you actually don’t even want an answer to, *dishonest*?

    You should talk to Kennedy about that. It’s his stock-in-trade.

  23. Oh Kennedy

    I did not replace Blank Out Times with a porn site. It’s a cybersquatter of some sort. Not even that. Since I wiped out the blog, and gave up the domain… it’s free for anybody else to use as they so desire.

    But, hey. If it turns your crank to send people over to the porn site… go right ahead.

  24. Yes John, In the comments section, the only place that I can post to at the taken-over domain, I gave a link to the Small Dead Animals 2.0 blog.

  25. And by the way thank you for changing your comment from one that suggested I put up a porn site, to the accurate statement, which reflects what actually happened.

  26. And yes, indeed. Sock Puppet Theatre with Small Minded Brain-Dead Kate, continues. And that site will stay up, and continue to stay up, until McMillan takes down the spoofing posts she has made on her website.

    In fact, if you look at the contributors section, you will note that some of my compadres, Mark at Section15’s Johnny Banananuck, as well as Buzz Frum Frazer’s creator, and Zorpheus have put up similar sites to create a parody site, as a cooperative project called “The Wingnutterer”. In fact, the whole idea was inspired in part by Robert McLelland’s publication of the “Western Standard Stunned Herd” magazine.

  27. Oh, and since comments are now being edited, and links are being added to my comments, and outright lies are simply being repeated over and over again, like the insinuation that Ian doesn’t actually exist:

    My end of the discussion is now going to carry on over at

  28. Meaghan Champion of Not Reason:

    I did want to ask Lynette about her membership to the Front Sight gun school, the one that is suing Dianne Hsiah for asking questions about it’s association with Scientology.

    As much as I want to be compassionate toward another person in mental distress, I cannot tolerate the wasted time and energy required to continually refute wild claims.

    Once again and for the last time:

    No Treason has no connection or affiliation with ANY religious organization and never will.

  29. Meaghan Champion of Not Reason today accuses me of vandalizing her vanity page at Wikipedia.

    I didn’t do it. I guess I can see how someone in a hurry could make the mistake of thinking she was the daughter of Hank Reardon though.

    Today’s money quote from Meaghan:

    Sad, that this really *is* what “Not Reason” is reduced to.


    She does clear up a few things in the history of her vanity page though:

    (Removed false statement that Reardon was my grandfather, as well as removed the refference made to my serving subpoenas. I run a process service company. I do not serve subpoenas.)

  30. You mean you don’t live in Farmington CT John and Lynette?
    Farmington CT.

    That was the IP of the person who went and vandalized the page.

    You do know that Wiki tracks every IP don’t you?

    (cross posted to “Not Reason” as well)

    [Encode your URLs or use tinyurl please. JTK]

  31. Kate wrote:

    >Simply cruising the net and counting the hundreds of
    >comments and blog posts she’s made in the past few months
    >would lead most reasonable people to conclude that this is a
    >woman who is spending a hell of lot more time on the
    >internet than she is caring for her child.

    >Add to that her claims to have filed hate crimes charges
    >against me, the rabid posts as “drugcop” to my site (one
    >which threatened my physical safety), threats to have
    >Raskolnikov fired, and the raging paranoia of threads like
    >this – and maybe someone should at least call her husband to
    >let him know what she’s been up to.
    >She ain’t healthy.
    >Comment by Kate � 8/18/2005 @ Aug 18, 05 | 7:23 pm


    I am her husband. Nobody needs to call me. My wife is not crazy or neglecting her son and I resent your implication that she is. Especially since I already responded the last time you made such false claims.

    I’ve seen the comments I think you are referring to and they are not threats. I can see how a paranoid mind might take them that way, but why don’t you post them here so everybody can see what was really said. On second thought, the people running this site edit other peoples’ comments so maybe this isn’t the best place. Perhaps you should just post a link to them.

    I certainly don’t need anyone to call me to tell me how much time my wife has spent on this endless “flame war” with you. I know all about it already.

    I also know it was started by your unconscionable statements about sending Indians to residential schools. If you would ever repudiate that and apologize for it, I’m sure you’d get a lot less criticism from my wife. Maybe none at all. It’s hard for me to believe that you are really evil enough to have seriously meant what you said, so maybe it was just a sick joke. If so, it’s not funny.

    My wife and I both thought that you would be quick to retract such a statement. Any decent person would. Or rather, a decent person wouldn’t have made such a statement in the first place.

    I think everybody in Canada knows that systematic child abuse including rapes and fatal beatings took place in residential schools. Do you really think that the rape and murder of children is funny to joke about?

    For Pete’s sake, retract it and apologize already. It wouldn’t hurt to repudiate and apologize for that other remark about how Indian activists should be locked up. In the context, it was obviously directed at my wife, among others, so she’s rather annoyed by that one as well, to put it mildly. And after advocating that my wife be put in prison, you’ve got a lot of gall to complain about her allegedly threatening you.

    So do the honorable thing and apologize, if not to my wife, then to Indians in general. Or, if you insist, flame on. But if you keep posting these dishonest pleas that imply that if only her husband knew how terribly “unhealthy” she allegedly is, then he would surely intervene and arrange for her to get help. Hogwash. I am her husband. I live with her. She’s fine. If she did get sick, I’d sure notice it before you could.

    Now that I’ve pointed that out, I wonder if you have the self-respect to stop posting such nonsense.

    My wife says you’ve posted five of these little insinuations in which you assume the pose of concern for a poor mentally ill woman. Some of these, including the one I quoted above, suggest that someone needs to call me even after I already responded to you (on the Angry in the Great White North blog I think it was). The more of these you post, the more clear it will be that your purpose is not any genuine concern for my wife’s health, but rather is a mean-spirited attempt to discredit what she says by labelling her crazy.

    If any of your fans do call, I’ll be sure and mention that my wife has a very valid point that your comments about Indians really do seem racist to me. I’ll also be sure and mention that your unwillingness to repudiate such comments is very hard to explain unless you really are in favor of racially motivated violence of the most reprehensible kind against Indian children.


  32. Meaghan,

    “You mean you don’t live in Farmington CT John and Lynette?”

    No, I don’t see how any reasonable person could take anything I’ve said so far in this thread to mean I don’t live in Farmington.

    Although I don’t, as it turns out.

  33. Charles,

    ” I am her husband. I live with her. She’s fine. If she did get sick, I’d sure notice it before you could.”

    Meaghan recently wrote:

    “I seriously feel like blowing my fucking brains out. I’m in a hurricane of stupidity. I’m a dying drowning man, trying to come up for air in a sea of insanity, only to have howling spider-monkeys throw buckets of water at me, as I gurgle away about individual rights and freedoms.”

    That sounds fine to you?

  34. Vanity Page, thy name is Somena, a.ka. Meaghan Champion of Not Reason. It turns out that (surprise!) Meaghan wrote the Wikipedia entry saying:

    The founder of the Somena indipendence movement was late Douglas Williams who asked that his children, grandchildren, friends and relatives carry on with the quest for recognition of Somena’s indipendence after his death.

    Probably one of the most outspoken members of the Somena indipendence group is Meaghan Walker-Williams, an accountability activist and journalist and also the granddaughter of late Doug Williams.

    Probably? Now that’s funny!

  35. I have no doubt whatsoever that you are one of the most “outspoken” Somenans. Did you have any doubt you were when you wrote “probably”?

    Kinda makes it sound like it’s someone else writing about you though, doesn’t it?

    You were pretending not to be the subject of the piece when you created that vanity page in Wikipedia. It’s called Sock Puppet Theater.

  36. Nothing matters except how Courtney Love looks like she has been lightly polished all over, and her adorable “I’ve just done a big fat rail” grin.

    Abandon your feud, Meaghan and Kennedy.

    Worship the Courtney.

  37. I have no doubt whatsoever that you are one of the most “outspoken” Somenans.

    Ah. I see. You admit that don’t know any Somena people, aside from me.

    And so your opinion about the “probability” of other Somena people, being more or less outspoken than me is, based on…


    So basically… you are just talking out of your ass again.

    Thanks for making that so very clear.

  38. “Abandon your feud, Meaghan and Kennedy.”

    Be happy to Sabotta.

    As soon as they honor Billy’s request to take his stuff off of this website, which Kennedy said he would do.

    Until then, nope.

    Not a chance.

  39. And so your opinion about the “probability” of other Somena people, being more or less outspoken than me is, based on…


    No, it’s based on you having one of the biggest mouths of anyone I’ve ever encountered. I suppose it’s possible in theory that there are other Somenans who rival you, but I seriously doubt it.

  40. “No, it’s based on you having one of the biggest mouths of anyone I’ve ever encountered. I suppose it’s possible in theory that there are other Somenans who rival you, but I seriously doubt it.”

    Big Mouth!


    That’s what you are reduced to?

    Ah… what’s next John , A round of “your dead mother wears army boots?”

  41. “You were pretending not to be the subject of the piece when you created that vanity page in Wikipedia. It’s called Sock Puppet Theater.”

    No John. I guess when you and Lynette were busy vandalizing the Somena page, thus violating the property rights of Jimbo Wales.. you didn’t bother to read the FAQ on building articles for Wikipedia. All articles are to be written *as* articles, not as first person accounts or expository essays.

    Again.. you are just blowing smoke out of your ass, and pretending that it smells like Chanel No.5

  42. “Combat boots? I thought is was a baby swing. Has your dead mother story changed again?”

    I would say that *this* is beneath you.

    But it’s obviously not.

    When did my family get the Coroner’s report John?

    You tell me.

    Then we can talk about “changing stories”.

  43. To the tune of Undun by The Guess Who:

    Too many newsgroups, and not enough room to hide
    Too many puppets and not enough socks
    Too many stories that too many eyes have seen
    Too many lies to weave and not enough mind

    It’s too late
    She’s gone too far
    She’s lost her bun

    She’s come undun…

  44. Right…

    Like your other comments about Somena people being more or less outspoken… this commentary about “Changing Stories” comes on the basis of having no first hand knowledge about what happened in her death whatsoever.

    In fact, you have none of the 1st hand knowledge about

    1) The actual details of my mother’s death
    2) The efforts made by myself and other family members to question why she died… and to get some kind of resolution to it
    3)Actual knowledge of when we got the definitive answers about her death via the Coroners office.

    It’s funny really… thinking about all the years on Usenet that I saw weezils go on about the “changing stories” concerning Vince Foster’s death, because ACECW people asked questions, drew up hypotheticals, probed and wondered about how it was that the man died.

    Welcome to their world John. You fit right in.

  45. It’s striking how your theories of your mother’s death always fit right in with whatever you need at the moment to make your point, like how as an activist you were in danger just like your murdered mother:

    And… YES – I figure in talking to my Aunts and Uncles and Relations who have been involved in this kind of political work for the past 30 years… once you step out into the spot-light in Indian Politics.. Your life IS at risk.

    My mother and 12 members of my family died back in 1975. If you were Indian you would understand the signifigance of that year…

    So is your current theory that your mom was an alcoholic or not?

  46. Hey John. I will ask you again… when was it that my family got the report from the Coroner on my mother’s death.

    You refuse to answer the question. And just keep weeziling and evading and running away from everything that my question implies.

    Let me also ask you this John. This *is* my mother we are talking about. In a decade on the internet John.. how many times have I posted about my mother’s death?

    In the past week.. how many times have *you* posted about my mother’s death?

    And you think *I* am the one who is acting like a corpse dragger?

    Like I said John…
    I’ll be taking the comments over to “Not Reason” to make the point about your evasion of my very simple question.

    What did I know about my mother’s death? When did I know about the details of my mother’s death? And when did I know it?

    I know the answer to those questions.
    But you don’t.
    And yet… you keep dragging my dead mother into this.

    Is that like you dragging Bill Beck’s corpse into the discussion with Billy?

    Why are you such a “corpse dragger” John?

  47. MWW, at WikiPedia*:

    I run a process service company. I do not serve subpoenas.

    Can someone clarify this? From this FAQ:

    What is Service of Process?
    United States legal procedure requires that each party in a case should be notified if actions are taken against them in a court of law. Process serving is an important aspect of the Due Process of Law.

    Process serving laws and rules of civil procedure are different from state to state. You should visit the State Rules of Civil Procedure section of to learn more about service of process in your state.

    People are notified of actions against them or court procedures involving them through the delivery of legal documents such as summons, complaints, subpoenas, order to show cause and writs.

    Bolding mine. That seems to clearly indicate that a process serving company is in the business of, among other things, serving subpoenas.

    Meaghan, are you saying that your company doesn’t in fact serve subpoenas? If that’s the case, is that because of some sort of law against it, because you have chosen not to take that sort of business, or is that FAQ just wrong, or what?

    * I meant, “about WikiPedia”.

  48. I do not serve subpoenas. In order to serve process in Florida and most states, one must be a certified process server.

    What our company does is essentially act as a clearing house for Lawyers who need process servers, translators, document retrieval and court filings.

    I have never served a subpoena, and in fact, were I to serve a subpoena, I’d be breaking the laws in the State of Florida.

    The 100+ process servers whom we subcontract with from across the United States, and around the world, are in fact the people who serve subpoenas, among other things.

    One of our biggest clients is in fact a union busting.. er.. “Labour Relations Consulting” firm.

    It’s a small but important distinction Lopez.

  49. “And I answered your rhetorical question within 30 minutes of the first time you asked it.”

    No you did not.
    You dodged, you evaded, and you weasled.

    If you answered the question, then you should have no problem in repeating your answer… *here*.

    Come on… you can say it… “I. Don’t. Know.”

    Just wrap your lips around those words and spit it out.

    The reason you don’t want say those words is because it would blow apart your cheap and ghoulish rhetorical game.

    You’ve gotten lazy Kennedy. All this time in your little circle-jerk echo chamber has really dulled you. You used to be able to dodge this kind of thing a lot quicker and more easily back on ACECW when Martin McPhillips lit into you.

    Don’t you remember that? All your furious chest-thumping “You really need to pay attention to me Martin, because I’m not the imbicile that you say I am… look at how many people here respect me”.


    I hope somewhere, Martin McPhillips is smiling about all this.

  50. Meaghan,

    “Do you know where I live John? Do you know about the Florida Department of Children and Family Services? What do you expect will happen to me and my children…”

    Your children? What children? I thought you only kept one of your kids. Keep your shore story straight.

  51. Meaghan asks:

    Do you know how many children I have had?

    Well, you had your son Josh, your abortion, and the daughter you had by Champion that you gave up for adoption. Oh, and you were planning on being a surrogate mother but I’m guessing that fell through.

    This is why you need to integrate some contraception – you took at least three bites from the apple and failed to come up with a father willing to raise his offspring with you. You need to control your impulses or at least manage them better.

  52. That’s right.
    So, you admit that you don’t know about anything about myself, my mother, my family or my children other than what I have posted.

    But you just go right ahead concocting a fantasy world around *my* life, John if that’s what you need to do.

    It simply proves my assertion that at your essence, you are and always have been a second-hander, with no life of your own to speak of, and as such you *need* and *crave* the essence of other people’s lives in order to fill the empty void of your own soul.

    Second hand life… with a second-hand wife.
    Hey. That could be a song parody too.

  53. But you just go right ahead concocting a fantasy world around *my* life, John if that’s what you need to do.

    If it’s fantasy, it’s fantasy you wrote. Everything he’s mentioned comes from your own keyboard, Meaghan.

  54. “Jake was close to tears. In that moment he saw the world in its true light, as a place where nothing had ever been any good and nothing of significance done: no art worth a second look, no philosophy of the slightest appositeness, no law but served the state, no history that gave an inkling of how it had been and what had happened. And no love, only egotism, infatuation and lust.”

    Kingsley Amis, Jake’s Thing

  55. Haw.

    Wales’ post above is close to one of my favorite debate (flame) tactics: getting your opponent so riled up that they can’t think straight, then saying “So-And-So could make me look very foolish indeed by simply refuting me.”

    That draws inlookers’ attentions back from the flame war to the fact that said So-And-So isn’t thinking straight and can only offer insults, and thus likely believes himself to be in the wrong. Usually by this point one’s opponent has blown a gasket and just can’t think straight anymore, so the invitation for them to present a logical argument is just that much more salt in the wounds.

  56. Hmm. Y’know, Meaghan could have actually worked the whole “lock up Indian activists” joke (and it was a joke) to her advantage.

    All she’d have had to do was take the moral high ground, and pretend indignation (pretend indignation isn’t much compared to sock puppetry, right?) about McMillan’s remark, something like “How on earth can you say that your political enemies ought to be locked up, Kate? Yes, it’s a joke, but it’s just sick and tasteless”.

    Not that the various voting Conservatives that are McMillan’s audience would have minded much, but MWW would have planted that seed, and from then on could have claimed the moral high ground.

    Heck, I see that kind of thing as a golden opportunity to give your political enemies a good smackin’ that they can’t get away from. What would McMillan have said to rebut a charge of, not racist conspiracy-plotting like MWW tried to lay, but sheer tastelessness?

    Answer is not much, it’d be airtight. Then you catch McMillan doing something similar again, and lay the same charges again. Make sure you point out how bad it makes Canadians look, how you (oh-so-piously) hope that people don’t think that *all* Conservatives say things like that. You use peer pressure and shame *against* her.

    Blather, wince, repeat, eventually she starts censoring herself for the worst outbursts. Then you ask simple questions, and act puzzled and hurt at the responses. You wonder why she wants to keep Indians under the thumb of government (she doesn’t, maybe, but McMillan’s a cheerleader for government in general so anyplace government and Indians intersect, McMillan’s likely to be on the government side).

    In general, you be a mild libertarian gadfly with a layer of emotional manipulation on top. And it’d work, I mean Jesus: these people still vote so they’re open to all sorts of irrational persuasion.

    But now MWW has poisoned the well, all McMillan has to do is link to this post and call Williams crazy and everyone in Conservative blog-land goes “[head-nod] Yup, that there Kate sure is smart.”

  57. Meaghan’s schemes are convoluted enough without giving her more sketchy ideas, Lopez. Pretty soon (in a few billion years) the sun will go out and everything will be much nicer, and everything will be mercifully forgotten.

  58. So John, how did you happen upon my progressive bloggers diary entry about my daughter’s adoption? Did you good friend KKKATE “Lock up the Indians” tell you about it? Or were you stalking me and come across it.

    Oh.. and Billy still wants you to take all his stuff off your site.

    But of course you won’t do it – because you are a liar, and a parasite, and a looter and… a bum.

    But that’s ok.
    Robertson, Starr, Schnieder, McP, Myself, anybody who has been around long enough to know what’s what – understands this.

    And… here’s the other thing.
    You will *never* get a response from him John.
    Never. No matter how many times you attack me, or anybody else. He is never going to speak with you or deal with you again. You are *dead* to him.

    Give it up.
    You are so lame.

  59. Or were you stalking me and come across it.

    You know, you’re the one coming across as the “stalker” here.

    Oh.. and Billy still wants you to take all his stuff off your site.

    Surely Billy Beck can speak for himself.

    But of course you won’t do it – because you are a liar, and a parasite, and a looter and… a bum.

    I guess this wouldn’t be the best time to point out that lying, parasitism, and being a bum are all compatible with libertarianism?

    But that’s ok.
    Robertson, Starr, Schnieder, McP, Myself, anybody who has been around long enough to know what’s what – understands this.

    I don’t understand it, and I’ve been reading this blog for awhile.

    Give it up.
    You are so lame.

    I think sock puppets are pretty lame myself.

  60. So John, how did you happen upon my progressive bloggers diary entry about my daughter’s adoption?

    There’s a link to the site on one of your blogs.

    “Did you good friend KKKATE “Lock up the Indians” tell you about it? Or were you stalking me and come across it.”

    Stalking? You’re a famous journalist, Meaghan. There’s even a Wikipedia article about you.

  61. Stalking? You’re a famous journalist, Meaghan. There’s even a Wikipedia article about you.

    I’m learning a lot about irony by reading no-treason.

    Seriously Kennedy, I don’t think you can beat this poor dead horse for any more laughs (or is that a dead bear?).

  62. Yes John,

    If you go to my homepage, you can read the articles that I have written for the Financial Post, the National Post, The Winnipeg Free Press, The Vancouver Province, and the Cowichan Valley Citizen.

    How many articles have you ever been paid to write John?
    Aside from the Masthead of Scientology Quarterly?

    Oh… didn’t you hear the news recently about your good friend Dr.Piazza The Scientologist Quack? He’s had two class action law suits filed against him by Front Sight Families who invested millions on the development of the Front Sight facility/community – and the dude never even managed to get further than putting a porta-potty on the site.

    Sounds more and more like a Scientology Scam, don’t ya think…. but then, maybe he was just practicing some of your much vaunted Hubbard Business Management Techniques.


  63. If you go to my homepage, you can read the articles that I have written for the Financial Post, the National Post, The Winnipeg Free Press, The Vancouver Province, and the Cowichan Valley Citizen.

    Seems to me that dude just affirmed that you’re a famous journalist.

  64. Meaghan’s “extended” family continues to evolve. Near the end of Episode 3 in a series of cutting-edge activist voicemails she refers to Abner Thorne as “my Grandpa Abner”.

    A is sometimes A, but not in Meaghan’s family tree.

  65. And how much do you know about the Culture of Coast Salish people John T Kennedy?

    Are you aware that the first cousin of your grandparents are considered to be your grandparents as well?

    Guess not.



    You’ve got the letter on the website – give Kevin or Abner a call and ask them if it’s improper for me to call Kevin my cousin, or Abner my Tsitlah, or Grandfather – because of their close kinship to my grandfather.

    Once again.. John T Kennedy blows smoke out his ass…. looks like a fool in the process and isn’t even aware he is doing it.

    By the way.

    When are you going to take Billy Beck’s material off his website like he asked you to?

  66. So because different cultures call different familial relationships by different names – this means that they are somehow wrong, or that people in those cultures are dishonest? Is that what you are suggesting Kennedy?

    How bout this?

    Billy Beck asked you to remove ALL of his material from his website. You have refused to do so. Anybody who disputes this – is free to contact Billy and ask him about it. Of course John T Kennedy does not want anybody to do this – he just wants to hand-wave away this assertion with some vague pretensions about copywrite or some such nonsense.

    So when are you going to stop being a looter Kennedy?

    When are you going to stop being a thief?

    When are you going to remove Billy Beck’s stuff from your website as he asked?

    Why do you *NEED* his material on your website so much?

    Are you so bereft of your own credentials and intellectual effots that you need to sponge off of his for the rest of your sorry little net existence?


    Very very sad indeed.

    That’s ok John. You just keep attacking me, if it makes you better to feel better to lash out at me, because you can’t make Billy respond to you, or acknowledge your existence anymore.

    *pat pat pat* on the head.

    There’s a good boy.

  67. I’m pointing out that A is not A in your net autobiography. Sometimes you have one child and sometimes you have children. Sometimes your mother was an alcoholic suicide and sometimes she was a murdered activist. Sometimes you are half-blooded indian and sometimes you are full blooded. Sometimes X is your grandfather and sometimes he isn’t. Sometimes you’re a libertarian and sometimes you’re a progressive. Sometimes you’re a successful professional writer and sometimes you’re a successful entrepreneur. And then sometimes you can’t afford your own children. It all depends.

    It all depends on whatever you find convenient at the moment.

  68. “I’m pointing out that A is not A in your net autobiography. Sometimes you have one child and sometimes you have children.”

    I have given birth to more than 1 child.
    I have a child and I have gone thru adoption.

    “Sometimes your mother was an alcoholic suicide and sometimes she was a murdered activist.”

    There was speculation for years about my mother’s death. There was no alcohol in her blood according to the autopsy report so I don’t know where you are coming up with that. For years the majority of our family believed she was murdered. Hell – do you see in my side-bar at Somena Media – a link to my younger brother – SunSun.. email him… he’s even SEEN the autopsy report that I showed him, when I finally showed it to him and HE still doesn’t believe that she killed herself. So you figure it out.

    “Sometimes you are half-blooded indian and sometimes you are full blooded.”

    According to the Indian Act – I am a full blooded Indian.
    Thats the Canadian law. Nobody knows who my father is biologically because my mother never told anybody – however she was seeing two different Indian men, at the time – one from Saanich, one from Nananimo. But according to the Registrar of Indians, Under the Adoption Act, and the Indian Act, because my mother did NOT identify my father – I am considered Full Blooded.

    “Sometimes X is your grandfather and sometimes he isn’t. ”

    You are just full of it on this.
    Who have I said is my grandfather and who isn’t?
    Doug Williams is my grandfather, Irene Williams is my Grandmother. All of Irene and Dougs First Cousins – according to Coast Salish Custom are my Grandmothers and Grandfathers according to Custom. If you don’t believe this – Then look it up somewhere. Why don’t you call up Abner Thorne, or Kevin Thorne, and ask about it, if you don’t think it’s proper for me to call Abner my Grampa, or for Abner to call me “Emuth” which is like “grandchild” or means “comes from me” —

    “”Sometimes you’re a libertarian and sometimes you’re a progressive.”

    I believe you can be both.

    “Sometimes you’re a successful professional writer and sometimes you’re a successful entrepreneur.”

    Do you dispute that I wrote those articles for the Financial Post, Winnipeg Free Press, Vancouver Province, or the Cowichan Valley Citizen?

    “And then sometimes you can’t afford your own children. It all depends.”

    Maybe, I didn’t feel Like I had the strength or the ability to go through raising a child again?

    “It all depends on whatever you find convenient at the moment. ”

    Right… and your not taking Billy’s stuff off of his site all depends on whatever you find is convenient… like whatever stuff popped into your head about some kind of an agreement that you claim you made, which he had absolutley NO recollection of.

    Sure John.

  69. And by the way – how fucking Libertarian is it of you to run around asking about why is it that I decided to give a child up for adoption John? Is it ANY of your business at all?
    That to me speaks VOLUMES about your “libertarian” values system right there…

    Is it YOUR baby John? Did anybody ask YOU to cover any cost involved in this?

    Did anybody make you pay for it? Did you carry the baby inside you? Did you find the parents? Did you give those parents to the baby? Did you make the dream of parenthood come true for that couple?

    And you would turn *THAT* into some kind of a weapon to use against me? You would turn THAT act into some kind of insult and smear against me? Too funny.

    And you have no idea just how perverse you look doing this – do you?

  70. You’re not keeping your shore story straight:

    “I have given birth to more than 1 child.
    I have a child and I have gone thru adoption.”

    Go back to the top of this page and read the original blog entry where I quote you:

    “What do you expect will happen to me and my children, if some FREEPER asshole decides to take Kate McMillan’s criminal defamatory libel, and accusations of criminality against me to the next level?”

    What children were supposed to be in jeopardy?

  71. I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Sabotta. Please, no more of Meaghan Walker-Williams, Indian activists, missing children and Billy Beck! Even lobbing insults at Hoppe is more interesting than this…

  72. I’m not doubting you when you say you and Champion couldn’t afford your daughter. I’m saying it doesn’t fit with your characterization of yourself as a successful professional journalist and/or successful entrepreneur.

  73. “I’m not doubting you when you say you and Champion couldn’t afford your daughter. I’m saying it doesn’t fit with your characterization of yourself as a successful professional journalist and/or successful entrepreneur.”

    Champion never said he couldnt afford our daughter. Why do you feel the need to put words into peoples mouths John. Is it like you putting words into Billy Beck’s mouth, when you falsely claim that you had an agreement from him that you could use all his material in perpetuity?

    By the way- you ask about my other children. For a brief time only – I have up at my website a picture of my other daughter, who was born Feb 3rd, 2005. So… what’s that you were saying about missing children?

  74. Isn’t it funny how – whenever John T Kennnedy is stumped on one attack… he just runs head long to the next… attack after attack after attack…

    But he never addresses any of the substantive issues raised about his own issues – like the fact that Billy asked that his material be removed from this website, and he has refused to do so.

    It’s very scientological….”Always attack, never defend” isn’t that what they teach at the Hubbard Business Management Tech School John?

    Tell me, is this whole going after me, about the adoption, and my dead mother, and then going after my grandparents, and after the wikipedia entry, and vandalizing it, and then getting all chummy with police-state Kate McMillan, and spending all this time attacking my 2-3 years writing for 2 National Newspapers in Canada, as well as my 2 years running a profitable company that has grossed over $120,000 in sales, and has over 100 subcontractors all over the country and is about to undergo a private placement in order to expand it’s capacity and make more profits…. — I have to ask…is all this part of that whole “destroy them utterly” Scientology strategy?

    Because it’s not working John.
    It’s just making you look like a vindictive petty prick.
    But keep doing it – if it makes you feel better.
    I just think it’s funny at this point.

  75. Who have I said is my grandfather and who isn’t?

    In comments here you wrote:

    The ones who have come, and sat down with my elders.. shared a meal…and have stilled their tongues long enough to listen to people like my Grandfather, my late-Uncle Joe Sylvester, Eugene And Abner Thorne, My Great Uncle Norman Joe and late Mary Thorne, have to a man, been amazed at discovering that there are literally thousands of Aboriginal People in Canada who don’t need to debate on the internet to figure out what’s wrong, and what needs to be done to stop these things from continuing.

    Note that your grandfather and Abner Thorne are not the same person, according to you.

  76. Jesus *This* is what you pick on… That I didn’t call him Grandfather each and every time I reffered to him?

    WTF is wrong with you? You really are an insipid fucking fewl aren’t you?

    I AM RELATED TO EVERYBODY IN SOMENA. That you can’t understand that, is not my problem, you cabbage brain.

    I had the picture of my daughter Luqluush up at the Somena blog – and according to my site-meter logs you already went and saw it John.

    And I took it right back down. And I’m not putting it back up – because the less that people like YOU, and the ever so attractive Lynette, and the creeepy Sabotta, and your friend Police State Kate, know about me and my *children* the better.


    If anybody else who is a normal human being would like to see a picture of my *children*, I will be happy to email them a picture and even a birth certificate

    You had your chance.

    I’m done this month game with you ghouls.

    Oh… and when are you going to TAKE DOWN BILLY BECK’s STUFF????

  77. And I took it right back down. And I’m not putting it back up – because the less that people like YOU, and the ever so attractive Lynette, and the creeepy Sabotta, and your friend Police State Kate, know about me and my *children* the better.

    Lucky for you that you’ve been so discreet about your personal life.

  78. Meaghan,

    You could make Kennedy look very foolish indeed by putting together a summary paragraph with supporting hyperlinks that would explain the dispute you allude to with Billy Beck. A similar paragraph could be put together to explain the connections of with Scientology, and to corroborate the accusations that you level against McMillan.

    That way, inlookers (or “innocent bystanders” as Jimbo Wales would have it) would have immediate access to supporting material, and thus would quickly be able to determine that you are right and your enemies are wrong.

    I would suggest that for general readability and persuasiveness, that the reference paragraphs should not contain any CAPITALIZED WORDS, *emphasis*, multiple punctuation marks, or incorrect usage of the ellipsis. Also, the supporting material should not consist of off-site copies of your own accusations, most folks don’t consider a copy of an accusation to be evidence in favor of that accusation. In fact I would suggest that you err on the side of caution: given your history of internet sock-puppetry, it would be best to link only to relatively established websites in order to head off accusations that you’re simply making things up. That probably won’t be a problem though, as you must have a convincing amount of evidence tucked away.

  79. I look in because I have inquisitive e-mail from someone asking me what’s going on.

    Look, all of you:

    Meaghan — I don’t know what is going on or why, but I’ll make this clear right in front of everyone: I do not require, nor am I particularly interested in, your attempts to get Kennedy to face facts in the matter of my material appearing here. You could do everyone a favor and bloody knock it off.

    Kennedy: you are no longer authorized to keep any of my articles here. This has been the fact since the very last thing I ever posted here. You can look it up, although you will refuse to understand it. You have said that *I* said that you can could keep that stuff here as long as the site existed. I didn’t argue with you, and I am not interested to, now. You know what I said: if I actually made that agreement, then I would live with it. I don’t believe that I did, but I’m not interested in the fight, because it would mean dealing with your fucking bullshit exactly one second longer than I care to. But none of that is to the point: that stuff is mine, everybody knows it, and now everyone is clear about it. It’s not about the copyright or any other bullshit. It’s about the right thing. That stuff is *mine* — I wrote it, it’s got my name all over it (necessarily, of course), and I never want to have another *goddamned thing* thing in the world to do with you, you rat-fuck shitbag, or that rotten cunt you’re running around with.

    That is all.

  80. “Do you remember being paid?” Kennedy slithered onwards.

    With what?

    Magickal Kennedy Fairey Dust?


    Hey, here’s an idea….
    Why don’t you whip out a signed reciept from Beck, or a signed contract between you and him, scan it and put it on line – so that everybody can see that it proves any such thing ever happened as you claim it did monkey-boy.

    Oh. wait… come to think of it — Mike Schneider – if you are still watching — do you remember that lovely series of articles from back at American Liberty where *Kennedy* took great offense, when I suggested… horror of horrors, that he (Kennedy) actually PAY Billy for the articles he was providing for this stupid blog. That might be fun to drag out now.

    When was that again? In Sept or Oct of 2002? Do you recall Mike?

    In due time, when I feel is like it’s a fun thing to do – I’ll be sure to add to the “Not Reason” archive.

    Don’t worry Kennedy – in case you are going to edit this comment, or wipe it out – I’ll be sure to add it to the “NOT REASON” blog as well.

    I am about 99.99 sure billy was never paid a dime by you kennedy…and notwithstanding his suggestion to me…I have voluntarily chosen to be the *price* that YOU will be forced to pay, for your looting and stealing of his materials.

    Every couple of months, I’ll keep coming back and reminding people of what you have done.

    I figure over time, the cumulative index of various libertarians who come across this material and understand your underhanded dealings with Billy should be well and above this fictitious “price” you claim to have already “paid” Beck.

    It’s just something I will do, for fun and for free… because it gives me joy to watch a weasle like you being forced to live with the consequences of your actions.

  81. Meaghan,

    I figure over time, the cumulative index of various libertarians who come across this material and understand your underhanded dealings with Billy should be well and above this fictitious “price” you claim to have already “paid” Beck.

    Apparently there’ve been threats of net.sabotage against No-Treason before. Those have seemingly come to naught, but I’m sure that you’ll have a good deal more luck.

    You are a successful journalist, after all. Maybe you can pull some strings? No doubt they were sorry to see you go from all of those papers you wrote for.

    Oh, yes: the matter of all the links and whatnot. See, like I said, you aren’t a reliable reference for yourself, both for the aforementioned sock puppetry and for your habit of deleting your own weblogs. The link to Usenet in that post is a step in the right direction, but if you look carefully it doesn’t add any actual new content.

  82. Oh dear… now you are whining about “threats of “net sabotage”

    Surely, in all your advanced libertarianism studies you’ve grasped the concept of what it means to be judged by freedom of association.

    And if you associate yourself with a prudent preadator like Kennedy, who has stolen from Billy, as is clearly the case here, you will be judged accordingly by libertarians.

    That’s not called “Net-Sabotage” That’s called Libertarians practicing Discernment and moral judgement.

    For all of John T Kennedy Scientology Wacko’s assertions about me – there isn’t a single libertarian in the real world who has said to me “boy, you are a wacko or a creep” nor has his little efforts cost me a friendship, nor has it undermined any valued relationships.

    And do you know why that is Lopez?

    Because John T Kennedy and Lynette Warren are exactly Peeled Zeros in the overall scheme of things.

    I still have all the friends and associates that I had before, and in fact, his relentless assault upon me has actually drawn me sympathy from some very strange quarters which I mentioned before.

    But Kennedy’s actions with Beck?

    I know of at least 2 dozen Libertarians who won’t have a thing to do with the man or this website now because of what they have done to Billy.

    I know that it has cost him in real world reputation.

    I don’t even know who the fuck you are Lopez. And Kennedy is such a nobody, that he obviously needs to steal Billy’s work to give himself any credibility at all within Libertarian circles at all.

    It’s so funny watching him clutch Billy’s essays to him in this fashion.

    I mean it.

    I giggle every single time I come to the site – and I see Billy’s name on the Marquee and his essays still on the site.

    That Kennedy is THAT desperate for recognition from ANYBODY!


    And you…. Lopez whining like a net crybaby about “net sabotage” — that’s exactly what Kennedy did when Dianne Hsiah started to organize an effective boycott against that Quack Scientologist Dr.Piazza. He said that by Dianna informing people that Dr.Piazza was a scientologist that she was “violating his rights” — demonstrating, to the (I must say amused horror of everybody present in the discussion) that Kennedy even after 2-3 years still didn’t understand what rights actually were.)

    “Threats of Net Sabotage”


    Boy…. you’ve definately got your John T Kennedy Scientology Libertarianism terminology down pat!

    Good for you!


    People have the right to decide not to associate with other people. You do know this right? And all the carping and whining in the world about “threats of net-sabotage” isn’t going to diminish the fact that the proof exists that Kennedy stole Billy’s material, and has it on his site without his permission.

    And every day that goes by – proves that Kennedy is a looter.

    And no respectable Libertarian, Objectivist or Freedom oriented person hangs out with looters, and thieves.

    It’s simple really.

  83. Laughing, not whining.

    Meaghan, if I were worried about people hearing what you have to say I probably wouldn’t let you post your comments here to your heart’s content, now would I?

    Silly old bear.

  84. Perhaps you’ve created an area of containment so that MW’s volatility doesn’t leak out into the Real World, thus creating toxic damage to you or her.

    Let me see if I have this right…

    Billy hates John (but then again, Billy hates everybody).
    MW hates John K.

    John & John don’t hate anyone, but they’re patronizing.
    Sabotta hates Billy?
    No, wait, MW hates Sabotta, that’s it.

    Schneider? Missing in Action.
    Lynette? Low, low, low profile.
    MW hates Lynette.

    Stefan hates Sabotta.
    Sabotta hates everybody, too, except Billy.
    MW hates Stefan?

    Man, for a bunch of guys that started off in the same camp of philosophy, you’re diverging at an alarming rate.

  85. Good thing this isn’t a team sport.

    No kidding.

    Stefan hates Sabotta.
    Sabotta hates everybody, too, except Billy.
    MW hates Stefan?

    I hate his taste in art (or lack thereof), but perhaps that’s close enough for your classification. I think MW hates pretty much everyone at “Not-Reason”, but her bile seems to be mainly reserved for JTK, Lopez, and Lynette. A graph might make things clearer:
    (here an arrow means “A hates B”):


  86. It’s a mischaracterization by Broward to say I don’t hate *anyone*. I’d have to say I hate Soja the most among current “bloggers”, though you’re close Stedman. Of course you both have a long way to go before I hate you as much as I hate Kip.

  87. Based on your sketchy, elaborate and indecipherable chart, Stefan, you’ve just learned to love the tweak.


    (PS. Don’t flatter yourself – “contempt” is not exactly the same thing as “hate”)

  88. Based on your sketchy, elaborate and indecipherable chart, Stefan, you’ve just learned to love the tweak.


    Nah, if you can’t understand my chart, you must be dumb.

    (PS. Don’t flatter yourself – “contempt” is not exactly the same thing as “hate”)

    Well “Me” was the originator of the term – certainly there are shades of grey here. Perhaps the arrows in the graph could be labeled with numbers to indicate various degrees of displeasure.

  89. >I’d have to say I hate Soja the most among current “bloggers”

    You’re entirely free to remove my name from your lists, and my meager offerings from your site, John.

    In fact, I wish you would.


    Mike Soja

  90. the poster MWW is quite verbose and obsessive.

    in her defense I would have to agree that her e-mail to Raskolnikov in no way was a threat by way of “criminal” or civil definition and seemed taken entirely out of context.

    but to see her blog entries regarding this flame war and small dead animals 2.0 is quite frightening given the volume of content and mindset.


    wow, just let it go.

  91. It occurs to me that some readers may not know that MWW was one of the initial contributors for No Treason. Our launch on 6/9/01 featured Our Own Native Hong Kong which she had written earlier. I think that was her only contribution. A few years ago she asked to have her name and material removed from this site and this was done.

  92. “In times long past, this planet was the home of a mighty, noble race of beings who called themselves the Krell. Ethically and technologically they were a million years ahead of humankind, for in unlocking the meaning of nature they had conquered even their baser selves, and when in the course of eons they had abolished sickness and insanity, crime and all injustice, they turned, still in high benevolence, upwards towards space. Then, having reached the heights, this all-but-divine race disappeared in a single night, and nothing was preserved above ground.”

  93. In one year you can go from hiding from the “fucking nutcase white supremacists[sic] trailing them on the internet” and “FREEPER assholes” to posting photos of yourself and your family on the Internet? The MWW Threat-O-Meter seems to have some oscillations.

    From the never-ending soap drama that is Kate McMillan’s WikiPedia entry:

    Note for the record that No Treason, the website in question linked to has made several blog posts complaining that Wiki is a useless tool simply because they are unfamiliar with, or unwilling to work within the paramateters of the Wiki community to contribute to the content of Wiki.

    “For the record” – I hope that isn’t my permanent record!

  94. Check out Meaghan’s new film! Don’t let the title fool you – this is no ordinary comedy, it’s also an avant-garde film noir detective thriller.

    The cinematography is spellbinding. The story is anything but predictable, I defy you guess what Meaghan will say next at any given moment. The voice talent is top-notch and her co-star takes direction like a Champion.

    Don’t wait for the DVD, you must see this film today. Five Stars Out Of Five.

  95. Here’s the transcript from Meaghan’s film:


    MWW: Meaghan Walker-Williams
    CC: Charles Champion


    MWW: So we are racing toward the cowichan development
    corp offices right now. It’s September 11th.

    CC: 2006.

    MWW: 2006. What time is it, Hon?

    CC: Approximately 9PM, but I’ll get the exact time.

    MWW: It’s about 9 o’clock.

    CC: 8:50PM.

    MWW 8:50PM. I just went to Superstore, which is
    located right across the street from the KDC offices
    and I was going to pick up season one of LOST because
    I didn’t want to watch season two, which just came out
    on dvd for sale and stuff this week. I didn’t want to
    watch season two before rewatching season one and I
    didn’t want to have to rerent all of season one which
    I knew I would want to. So anyway, I happened to
    notice the strangest thing. All the lights are on at
    the KDC offices at 8… 8:30 at night and you know
    theres a car parked out in front and there appeared to
    be an individual inside and considering that they’re
    in bankruptcy or receivership and it’s all supposed
    to be in the hands of the comptroller, I would think
    this is a no-no. This is really bad. As you can see
    we’re just entering. Right now we made a turn. That’s
    the Walmart.

    CC: We just turned onto Cowichan Way.

    MWW: We just turned onto Cowichan Way and we’re coming
    up to Malaspina College. I’m just trying to document
    this. I did stop two police officers who were in the
    community policing MADD vehicle (Mother’s Against
    Drunk Driving) Their names were Gary and Al. They did
    write down my name and my comp…, you know,
    suggestion, that they check out what was happpening at
    the KDC offices. And they appeared to take an interest
    in what was going on and, yet, after I went into the
    store to purchase my LOST video and I came back out,
    the car was still there and the lights were still on
    at the KDC offices. I was too afraid to go by myself
    up to the car and write down the license plate number
    so I went back home and got my camera and my husband,
    who’s a very big guy. And we’ve now driven back. {As
    you can see, this is the KDC.} This is the KDC
    offices. It’s 8:50 at night. They’re lit. You can’t
    see anyone.

    CC: In case the camera doesn’t pick it up, it’s a
    British Columbia license plate 782GAV It’s a Chevy
    Cavalier. Looks Grey in color. What do you want to
    do now?

    MWW: I think we should leave before they see us. So,
    anyway, while the police and the DIA do nothing,
    probably, records are being shredded as we speak.

  96. Today Meaghan explains that the daughter Luqluush she mentioned in this thread was in fact the second daughter that she and Champion gave up for adoption.

    Of course that still doesn’t square with her original story:

    Do you know where I live John? Do you know about the Florida Department of Children and Family Services? What do you expect will happen to me and my children, if some FREEPER asshole decides to take Kate McMillan’s criminal defamatory libel, and accusations of criminality against me to the next level?

    I asked Meaghan what children she could be referring to, since by all previous accounts the only child she’d retained was her son Josh. This is when Luqluush suddenly materialized in the thread. But now we read that Luqluush was apparently adopted out at birth, which was in February 2005.

    So what did Luqluush, whose new parents apparently live in California, have to do with the Florida Department of Children and Family Services? How could “Kate McMillan’s criminal defamatory libel” endanger Luqluush when Meaghan and Charles had adopted her out at birth?

  97. Update on Meaghan’s bloodline:

    I’m Aboriginal, Coast Salish with some French Canadian thrown in 7 gens ago , and some Welsh back about 6 generations or so.

    And in May she wrote:

    So, anyways – I pull out all the paperwork that I have brought with me that would give me access to a SSN. I had my Indian Status Card, I had my blood quantum letter from my band indicating I had 50%+ Indian blood,….

    But to know she had 50%+ Indian blood wouldn’t Meaghan have to know who her father was?

    In 2000 she claimed to have, maybe, found her father:

    Raised by white people – told all my life “you aren’t white enough” Come home to people – told all this time (by those who want to see the status quo – stay the status quo) “you arent indian enough” Now I find out – in very large probabality.. I am more *Indian* genetically than I had ever thought.. well…

    But by 2002 she had still not confirmed her father’s identity:

    There is a Cowichan man who claims to be my father, but I just let it drop for now…

    Can it be that Meaghan has finally confirmed her father’s identity, and thus her bloodline, and failed to blog it?

    I find that a little hard to believe.

  98. Why do I find it hard to believe she could have failed to blog the confirmation of her father’s identity? Well, there’s this post by Meaghan:

    WOW.. something just occured to me.
    Let me share this.
    I have mostly lurked… and occasionally posted..
    but mostly I have just read.
    I have switched ISps a number of times, over the past 5 years but I have been putting little pops of info out once in awhile over all this time. Asking a question or two and getting to know a few folks in private emails.

    At first my reluctance in posting was in – I had not found my family. I was still an adoptee looking for my past. This was over 5 years ago.

    Then when I did find my family.. I felt awkward about posting because I felt presumptious to say things – having realized that this *being Indian* thing, is hard work – and My 5 year quest- to find my family… cut through all the red tape… shit.. THAT was the easy part. Now I found my family.. what do we do with each other? :)

    And then… I got myself very involved in the scene here. My grandfather did this with me. He cradled me – and brought me into my community wrapped up in his big safe arms And helped my root myself here.

    He would send me out to meetings to say things on his behalf. I had no idea (this is how ignorant I was) of what that meant and what he was doing… the *honour* he was according me by letting me speak for him – or asking me to speak for him.

    Then he died – and I felt like.. I couldnt say much.. for a long time because I had nothing to say. He was the voice. I was just his bullhorn.

    And – mixed in with this… the shame I have felt.. Shame from my own community (which has really changed over the past year) – for being a “breed”.

    JAOM THANK GOODNESS for JAOM… he really gave me some powerful wisdom 5 years ago about this whole blood quantum thing. Without his words – I may have given up, after Grampa passed away under the on-slaght of references by those in power in our community doing bad things.. to me and my family being “breeds” because of my great great great grandfather.

    I only today – at this moment FULLY understand what he was trying to tell me about the dangers of the blood-quantum thing.

    And even though my recent post about “I’m a breed – or whatever.. I don’t care what you make of it… ” I realized… The act of my father claiming me.. HAS had an impact on me…

    I am crying as I write this. It hurts. It has hurt so badly.

    Ok.. so I made my bones here so to speak. By here, I mean in my community. I have let the blood quantum thing slide off my back, and carried on the work despite of it because of my grampas promise to me, and mine to him.

    We have fought and we have won…

    And to discover… that the most hurtful things they said Are probably not even true. That truth be told… if this man is my father, then I have so called “more racial purity” than some who were calling me down…

    I should feel better. But I don’t. I feel like … I don’t know what I feel like.

    The shame of not knowing who my father was. And my grampa cautioning me not to look too deep into that… I can’t describe the hurt.

    He was right. I couldnt understand why he wouldnt answer my questions about this. Why he would not tell me what he knew in regards to my paternal line.

    Keeping my head high – like Grampa told me, and JAOM told me despite the bad words. Despite feeling shame. Preserving my dignity. Not reacting. Keeping my face solid like a rock, when the words cut like a knife.

    And I am angry too.
    I am angry at this man – who I met when I first came home and he *KNEW* then… and he didn’t want to claim me. (for whatever reason)

    It wouldnt have had to take so much in me – to myself to stand up and speak like Grampa asked me to – Do you know… after every meeting we had, where He had asked me to speak… I would keep myself calm – and focussed – just so I could stand up.. And say what he asked me to say..
    And then rush over to his house… to tell him what happened. Debrief him on the meeting…

    And I would have to run to the bathroom first and throw up because by that time, my emotions had kicked in.

    And the times when I came home, and told him what had been said by the bad people… the ones who are scamming and stealing. The ones who are profiting from our people’s misery. And I know it hurt him too. But because he wanted me to be strong.. he would lock his face too. But his jaw was clenched and his hands went tight. “All my life, this is what I was called. You have to be tough here – or you won’t survive”

    I am weeping because of the hurt he felt. And because of the hurt I felt.
    But, because of our pride, we have refused to show it. We would not let them *beat us* by giving in to it to lowering ourselves to responding to it.
    Don’t react to it. Don’t even *show* them that it means anything to you.

    And so.. here I sit. Today… claimed by two Families. No longer – if I choose it… a *half breed*

    And you know what. After all this.. I’d rather remain a half breed. Does this sound messed up to y’all?

    WHY WHY WHY – do we spend so MUCH time hurting our own by WHITE rules – by WHITE Standards.. By White laws Like blood quantum and Bill C-31.

    There are those who feeling bad about what people would say to me – they would come out of their way to me, in private and say “You know… so and so who said that… If you shake their family tree… theres a few white people in the branches.. even if they pretend it aint so”

    And although it did make me feel better… I never turned on those who would say this – knowing what I had learned about their lineage… because Grampa said not to lower myself to their level of ignorance.

    The shaming they tried to impose – was based on thier own shame I suppose – so I can not hate them – I can understand. But it doesn’t make it right.

    In a very weird way – part of making my *bones* so to speak in these parts has been the respect that has been accorded to me and my grampa for *not* reacting to this kind of stuff. To not responding. To letting it pass.

    Back in November of last year… a woman stood up in meeting where we were asking for a refferendum on some of our accountabilty issues. She wouldnt speak in English – although she is more than capable of speaking it. And in Hul’qumi’num she denounced me – as a “white indian” a “breed” a “suc” an apple…

    I have learned enough Hul’qumi’num at this point to understand what she was saying. And – I finally openly acknowledged her comments.

    I said “I know my aunt has stood up and called me a “white indian” amongst
    other things. Thats fine – this is what she wants to say. I am not going to correct her. Call me what you will… say what you want about me… I don’t mind… just please – deal with the questions that this “suc” has asked. I will let you call me whatever bad names you want – if you will just please answer our questions.”

    A lot of people have since told me that *this* was the moment in our little movement where the tables turned.

    They saw the ugliness of the current government. They saw the ugliness of the standards that were being used to judge me and my family. A lot of people did some serious soul searching.

    And… I realized – as the brother said above.. that I have kept quiet on many issues in the past on this group, because I felt, being a *breed* made a difference.

    And even though my *father* has now come out of hiding to announce my emuth… And I have been saying for so long.. I don’t care if this is what you call me.

    For the first time in the past 2 weeks I have felt more pride. I have felt – even though I got used to the idea of being a breed and wouldnt let
    that keep me from the work here.. I felt I had a right to say something here. It wasn’t an arrogance about it.. I just felt like – somehow in my father claiming me.. I have more of a voice. BUT…

    And THAT makes me *just* as guilty as any of those who have been ignorant of my *lineage* – and called me names.

    And THAT is kinda why.. I would like to stay KNOWN as a breed. It feels kinda funny and I NEVER want to inflict the kind of hurt on ANYBODY that some have put on me.

    Is this the most BACKWARDS thing you have ever heard? I would rather stay a *breed* – than acknowledge my paternal ancestry. Not because of shame of being Indian But because…. I think the *breeds* need me more, than the “full bloods” do.

    The breeds have a harder time of things these days.

    We will kill ourselves as a people – if we allow the idea of racial purity to keep percolating through our value system.

    We have become what we hate most about White people.. When we shame people of mixed lineage… And I never want to be a part of this.

    I never want anybody to lose their pride in themselves as a person – because of WHITE value standards.

    JAOM said it all to well.. You are A First Nation if your family says you are.
    And until we get a hold of that concept.. in a very large way… we are wasting time, energy and PEOPLE.

    I felt I had gotten comfortable, living inside my own skin, as a *breed*. I had developed a way to keep my pride and dignity.

    And I suppose its going to take some time – to mentally adjust to the idea of being not a breed. To heal from the hurt.

    Maybe thats why I ended up in the path I did. I have had a 28 year lesson in assimilation.

    And I am totally weary at the new discoveries every single day… of the pain of the process.

    You finally get over some of the pain.. and more comes up… its a never ending ceasless black hole of pain and hurt.

    Hurt that they have done.. Hurt that our own people have done to our own people, and hurt that we do to ourselves.

    I feel right now – nearly half-crazy after learning this lesson. Don’t know where the next part of the lesson is going to take me

    But… I’ll keep learning.

    Isn’t it weird, isnt it? I know – that there used to be shame in being part indian Now – there is shame in our community of being part white. Will somebody tell me how we get over the shame of being what we are? Because I want no more part of this shame. I dont want to feed it I don’t want to perpetrate it. I don’t want to allow it to continue.

    Meaghan concludes:

    And being a thinker – I have wrestled with this – and thought I could escape it – only to find out, that even when you think you have recovered from some of the genocide and assimilation – all you have done is make yourself ready for the next trauma recovery.

    Indeed. That’s Meaghan’s sense of life in a nutshell.

    My dad adopted a pure Somenee
    My mother’s people were ashamed of me
    The indians said I was white by law
    The White Man always called me “Indian Squaw”

    Half-breed, that’s all I ever heard
    Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word
    Half-breed, she’s no good they warned
    Both sides were against me since the day I was born

    We weren’t accepted and I felt ashamed
    Nineteen I left home, tell me who’s to blame
    My life since then has been from man to man
    But I can’t run away from what I am…

    But wait, the post above was written in 2000. If Meaghan has thought herself a breed for years why was she saying “I am full blooded indian” in 1998?

  99. Meaghan accuses me of stalking for subscribing to her youtube videos (highly recommended), and darkly hints at legal action:

    Yo Scott, and Billy this is exactly the kind of thing you told me to ignore right?

    Which I pretty much have… even when they, (Kennedy and Warren) seem to spend hours of their lives trying to invade any place I spend on the net.

    Keep it up Kennedy. You are building a great case for me to weild the State against you for harrassment.

    And at this point, I could give a rats ass about all the little protests you are sure to make about how “un-libertarian” that would be.

    Get this through your stupid fat head… I don’t want you or your jackals in my life. I want no contact with you. I want no exchanges with you. I want nothing to do with you. I will view any further such contact as a violation of my right to NOT have to associate with you.


    Sec. 53a-183. Harassment in the second degree: Class C misdemeanor.

    1. A person is guilty of harassment in the second degree when:
    1. By telephone, he addresses another in or uses indecent or obscene language; or
    2. with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person, he communicates with a person by telegraph or mail, by electronically transmitting a facsimile through connection with a telephone network, by computer network, as defined in section 53a-250, or by any other form of written communication, in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm; or
    3. with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person, he makes a telephone call, whether or not a conversation ensues, in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm.

    I would say running around to wikipedia, to Progblogs and now to Youtubes just to annoy me, and “track me” – and keep tabs on me, so that you can try and dig up more personal information about me to post on your scientology blog would qualify. hmmmmm tough call.

  100. Electrons and TCP/IP protocols cannot be owned, ergo blogs and internet “presence” cannot be owned, ergo Meaghan cannot be “net-stalked”. QED

  101. Stalking doesn’t have anything to do with “ownership” but with harassment. You can be harassed if someone repeatedly makes unwanted contact with you on public property which no particular individual owns. Cyber-stalking or cyber-harassment are indeed crimes, at least in many jurisdictions, regardless of what you think of their philosophical basis. However, there is zero chance the FBI gives a flying flip about a paranoid Canadian.

  102. Does she really think the Church of Scientology is going to stand for this?

    Some things are too big to be buried, especially if a serious investigative journalist is on the case.

  103. Here’s today’s featured keeper from hard-boiled atheist Meagan Walker-Williams Champion, written back when she was fighting “witch craft and sorcery” in her tribe:

    Hello brother and sisters,

    My Name is Meaghan. 1 month ago my uncle and aunt watched a movie called “Transformations”

    We are Cowichan Indians – on Vancouver Island – In BC Canada. For the past year – we have been working hard within our community to end the abuse – corruption and darkness that has overrun our reserve.

    You can see some of our efforts at

    My aunt and uncle and members of our society (The Somena Governance Society) – feel led to start holding prayer meetings for the community since we have realized that in our fight against the darkness in our community, we have not brought God into the picture as much as we should have. We have been doing this for a year and have only made a dent in the problems we are facing.

    We have comitted 20 people to come together on Monday Nights at 7:00 PST to pray for our community – to pray for the corrupt people running our band office – to pray for the homeless families on our reserve and those afflicted with alcohol and drug addiction.

    The family that runs our band office has held its power over the community for over 20 years. By fighting the flesh – we have made a dent. But we feel we must focus now more on the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about a transformation. The family that runs our reserve is engaged in witch craft and sorcery. People in the community are terrified of the power of this family. We are praying for the fear to be broken and for the power of the Holy Spirit to give people courage and bring them to the Lord.

    If you have a few minutes on Monday Night – between the hours of 7:00 PM PST – and 9:00 – please take a few minutes to pray for our community to be delivered from the darkness that it currently is held by.

    In Jesus’s name – I thank you.

    I welcome emails and requests for our group to pray for your needs as well when we gather.

    I will update – if that is welcome, on the results of the Power of God working in our lives.

    Meaghan Walker

  104. The latest slice of life from Meaghan Walker-Williams-Champion:

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007
    Family Circus – Memo to the man who broke up my parent’s marriage

    Some of you know that my grandmother had a stroke last year and has been basically been an in-care facility since then, since she was paralyzed on one side of her body. My dad has been the trooper who has seen to her care, visiting every day just about and basically her primary support person.

    I just got the news from Dad a couple days ago that Maime (that’s what we call Grandma) had another stroke, and this one has left her completely paralyzed, unaware of her surroundings, and unable to eat. Basically – her time on this good earth is short. I offered to come visit Dad and be with him as he sees and attends to all this. He said he didn’t think there was much point. He is a stoic, is my dad. But I can tell that this is painful and very difficult for him.

    I think in circumstances like these that it’s the people who have been closest to the deceased whose needs and desires should be met to make it easier. So even though I would like to go, I will honour my dad’s request that I not. Or maybe not… it’s hard between wanting to pay my last respects and trying to at the same time be respectful of my dad’s wish for me to not come.

    To explain.. my dad and I love each other very much, but we both agree that we get on each other’s nerves.

    Anyways, my mother had expressed to my Aunt Wendy her concern and care for my grandmother (my father’s mom).

    Last night after getting the news that it’s only a matter of maybe a week or less till we lose her, I called her as a courtesy to let her know – since I am sure my dad wouldn’t call her. Bitter divorce and all that.

    My stepfather answered. I got as far as saying “May I please speak to my mother?” and got hung up on. I thought at first he had just put me on hold. So I called back. This time there was no answer – just got hung up on again. So I kept calling – hoping they would eventually let it go through to their answering machine so I could leave the message. No luck. Got hung up on 10 times +.

    Then I found out from my Aunt that my Stepfather reads my blog.

    So.. being as that is the case.. here’s a hearty “FUCK YOU DON!”

    Is your own daughter still not talking to you either, you lecherous DRUNK?

    Wendy and I and more than a few people in Port Alberni know all about your extra marital affairs. You think it’s some big secret but it’s not. Everybody knows except my mother.

    And people also know about the time you came on to mom’s sister! Or did you think nobody would find out about that either?

    Guess you couldn’t find any more wealthy women with rich husbands that you could seduce in order to get their finances, cause I hear you guys blew through all of the money you got from my Dad in the divorce and have been reduced to selling the furniture that you spent thousands of dollars in court fighting over….

    What a joke.. I also hear from Wendy that you printed off my poem about my mother and that she was going to send it to my dad. What did you both think that would accomplish. My dad has an extremely low opinion of Robin. And as for you…he hates you. Or did you think that somehow after 19 years that having an affair with his wife and having her leave him and the family for you, would magically change that opinion.

    God, you are delusional.

    And one more thing.. Don’t even THINK of coming to my grandmother’s funeral. Nobody in the family that you destroyed wants you present. And if you show up.. I will give you a hell of a hard time you crazy alcoholic prick

    I hope you keep drinking yourself to death.
    I hope you die miserably, you disgusting sick old fuck.

    Posted by Meaghan Champion at 8/14/2007 08:49:00 PM

  105. Slavery in Canada?

    The Cowichan tribe is insisting that Meaghan go to school:

    Cowichan is insistent that I take 5 courses this semester. I can’t drop any… so there’s an added stress there, even though I’ve been in so much pain in my hips, hands and shoulders I can’t drive – or even make it out of my house dressed to get to school.

    Why doesn’t her own tribe, Somena, protect her from the evil Cowichans?

    I guess Florida isn’t looking so bad these days.

  106. The Kate McMillan Wikipedia entry appears to have been cleansed of all MWW content: “Not noteworthy – bloggers say things like that all the time”. McMillan now looks like a second-string Conservative weblogger rather than the chief architect of a racist genocide campaign against aboriginals.

    The only question is, was this the work of the Blogging Tories or the COS? Or are they in it together?!?

  107. “It doesn’t look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.”

    I am not worthy, still.

  108. John K re-appears and John S crawls out of the wordwork.

    Looks to me, mister, likes you is a-trying to restart that thar Beck-Blarney family fewed all overs aghain.

    that would be gud!

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