Half Right At Best

I’ve said for years now that we need to take an analogy to David Ben Gurion’s position on WWII as our motto. His position was: fight the war against the Nazis as if there was no White Paper (British restrictions on Jewish immigration to Palestine) and fight the White Paper as if there no war against the Nazis. We need to fight the Islamo-Fascists as if there were no State (or any more than a minarchist state), and fight the State as if there were no Islamo-Fascists.

That’s Billy Beck quoting former No-Treason’er Tim Starr. Beck agrees with Starr’s analysis, calling it “Exactly right”.

Thing is, it ain’t.

You can’t conduct a war against the Islamo-Fascists as if there were no State, because there is a State. Your behavior, your options, your whole course of life is directly affected by the government’s policies.

Think not? Imagine what you might do to help in The War Against Terror if there wasn’t a government. Maybe you’d hire people — superbly trained killers, you bet — to get there first with the most and just smash ’em on the spot, like bugs. Except that it turns out that trying to get a private military up and running violates about ten-jillion Federal statutes, so getting involved in a free-market jihadi hunt is a good way to end up in the slam.

So are you really going to “fight the Islamo-Fascists as if there were no State”? Of course not, you’re going to recognize that the government can bring overwhelming force to bear on you, and you’re going to act accordingly.

Starr’s analogy is half right at best: conduct your affairs towards government as if there weren’t any Islamic terrorists. Matter of fact, that’s what I do. But that’s because compared to the State, Islamic terrorists have effectively no impact on my life. I judge that that’s the case for the vast majority of individuals as well. More to the point, Islamo-Fascists aren’t able to do anything to force me to change my behavior in regards to the government.

And as we’ve seen before, that doesn’t work the other way.

3 thoughts on “Half Right At Best”

  1. Starr thinks he can fight Islamofacism as if there is no state by *wielding* the very state he’s pretending doesn’t exist.

    I’m curious as to just what Beck is doing to fight that war. That’s no slap; I’m honestly curious.

  2. It’s irrefutable:

    If you think you can pick and choose from the menu that Homeland Security is shoving in front of you, go ahead and try. I’m going to take a pass on it because I know you get no substitutions and you’re going to eat whatever Tom Ridge puts on your plate. That’s the long and short of it.

  3. Don’t pay your taxes. I will support you if you do. You don’t need to sanction the theft of taxation to be in favor of the war.

    Don’t tell me that shooting criminals (including the Islamic and Baathist statist varities) is wrong. It’s not. Criminals conducting a violent crime can be shot at will, by anyone.

    I don’t support mugging. But if the said mugger shoots a serial rapist, am I supposed to feel sorry for the rapist? Or condemn the mugger for shooting the fucker?

    Only in Rothbardian-Land, where the sacred Movement and loyalty to the Cadre trumps all logic and reality.

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