John T. Kennedy Is Confused

Or so says one Paul Charnetzki, posting at the blog:

Though the Bush administration has gotten some kind of Bill of Rights included in the Iraqi constitution, they hardly emphasize it. What’s important is not actual freedom, but its appearance, which is created by the ritual of voting.

Some libertarians, like Tom Palmer and John T. Kennedy, get confused by all this freedom talk. This confusion is so great that it leads them to believe they live under the Badnarik administration, and the Iraq invasion will result in liberty of the Iraqi people.

You heard it there first: John T. Kennedy is confused by all of Bush’s freedom talk.

Glad that’s cleared up.

9 thoughts on “John T. Kennedy Is Confused”

  1. Hopefully it’s a joke; maybe Charno misses me on the anti-state forum.

    (Stedman, as a global moderator at ASC you have the authority to order that he be dragged out back and – um – re-educated, right? Throw me a frickin’ bone and prove you’re good for something….)

  2. Kennedy!

    Your best policy in regards to Charno is this piece of advice (again courtesy of C.H.)

    “As is well known, if you�re dealing with someone who uses your words for ill, the best thing to do is just communicate with gestures and facial expressions. I guess it�s not as common down here, but it even works with people you�re dating, for months on end, if necessary.”

  3. I’d considered that that may have been an intentional name-drop to attract K. back to ASC. However, that’s a lot like the Libertarian Girl (remember that?) speculation: yes, it seems a little too stupid, but every damn’ day you read something even dumber.

    It seems fitting, somehow, that earnest content can’t be positively seperated from lame attempts at humor.

    In any case, this entry here is filed under “Just Plain Dumb”, so it works either way.

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