Bush’s Advantage

The President was on TV the other morning. I pretty much pegged whatever it was he was blabbing about as either lies or stupidity or both, and promptly turned him off. Turns out I was right:

Addressing the largest audience he’s had since launching a series of speeches two weeks ago to discuss progress in Iraq, Bush told the nation that “to retreat before victory would be an act of recklessness and dishonor and I will not allow it.”

“Now there are only two options before our country — victory or defeat. And the need for victory is larger than any president or political party because the security of our people is in the balance.”

Remember “Mission Accomplished“? I mean, “major combat operations” were over a long Goddamn time ago, according to the Prez, and now he’s claiming that “retreating before victory is a dishonor”?

Didn’t he say he won, already?

You’d think that Bush would be making more of an effort to tell consistent lies, but as it turns out he really doesn’t have to. He could come out tomorrow and say that Iraqi rebels were sacrificing Christian babies and not too many of his supporters would raise an eyebrow, because he isn’t a Democrat.

This is yet another example of the problem with majoritarian politics – you don’t get a better President even if you vote against all of the liars (hint: that involves finding something better to do on election day), so most people adopt the candidate who tells the most pleasant lies. In this case, Bush is saying that winning the war in Iraq is necessary for “security”.

“Security” of course is deliberately left undefined, so that folks can plug whatever fuzzy concept they have into it. Almost everybody agrees that they want “security”, especially when the alternative is admitting to themselves that the government can’t do much except extort their money, waste most of it, and use the rest to kill people who mostly don’t deserve it.

That’s Bush’s advantage. Like a carnival barker (“See the World’s Smallest Horse!”) he’s telling the rubes what they want to hear, taking their money, and then letting them tell themselves that they’re getting what they wanted.

4 thoughts on “Bush’s Advantage”

  1. Politically it is a monumental strategic blunder for Bush to frame the occupation of Iraq as a war because US forces have already achieved all the military victory there is to be had in Iraq. It’s not impossible that he could catch some breaks in Iraq but the victory he’s promising is out of his hands.

    The likely result of this blunder is that his party will suffer major losses by the ’08 elections.

  2. Bah. It’s Elephant Repellent: no terrorists are blowing stuff up right now, so everything’s going great. If and when something does get blown up, then, why, it’s the fault of all these doggone civil libertarians and terrorist coddlers that are tying down the internal security forces with outdated “privacy” regulations. Security and safety for everyone, and just place your neck in the barcode scanner, Citizen.

    The one thing that would cripple the Republicans would be an Iraqi Tet Offensive. Anything else can be sold as “Good News In The War On Terror” or “Recent Attacks Demand Homeland Security Anal Probing”.

  3. It has been said that majority systems guarantees idiots in charge, because most people are idiots.

    Our president Lula is a complete idiot, incapable of speaking correctly in his own language. The other day he told us that we should floss our optimism in the toilet every morning. Arguably he meant pessimis and got confused, but it doesn�t matter.

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