I Hate Paleocons

I leave a typically restrained and thoughtful comment on this

“You should be ashamed to think that someone who is not an individualist in politics is just waiting to bow the knee to some despotism, let alone to say it.”

Why should he be ashamed to say it? It’s only the simple truth. Power is what the paleos worship, not God, although they take care to disguise their worship of power with clouds of incense and sickening, pseudo-pious hypocrisy. But statements like “Perhaps the proper response of society in such confrontations would be that there will be no reason-giving, because it is fruitless, vain, and masturbatory to attempt to reason with the deranged” pretty much give the game away – note how Mr. “Maximos” creams his jeans at the thought of his fantasy-god, “Society”, crushing opposition – and not even bothering to give a reason!

It is my sincerely held hope, Mr.”Maximos” that someone takes your vile rubbish about “And without a contract, there can be no rights” literally, robs you at gunpoint and then proceeds to beat you like a gong. But since – unlike you, Mr. “Maximos”, I am not a complete lying booklicking Franco-sucking swine, I understand that it is very wrong to hope for such a thing.

Still, if I were you, I’d tremble when I reflect that God is just.

A curse upon them all.

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  1. I hate paleos. I explained all this to you in a dream, once. We were in a big black car with Bishop Koyle, and Courtney Love was driving, going up the side of a moutain somewhere near Spanish Fork, Utah. Courtney Love was nodding off (she doesn’t get much sleep, even in my dreams) and suddenly Courtney fell asleep at the wheel and steered us all off the edge of a cliff! Bishop Koyle said “Now hold on there, Daughter of Eve!” to Courtney, but it was too late, and soon we were plunging 1500 feet to the floor of a great canyon! Just as we was about to be rendered unto the Lord, there was a thump on the roof and we floated to the floor of the canyon, gentle as a leaf falling, and was unharmed. When we got out and looked around, there on the roof of the car was lung!

    “Thanks, lung!” said Bishop Koyle. lung said “Donut for lung?” and Bishop Koyle gave her a big chocolate and cream covered jelly donut with sprinkles. (He is a Mormon bishop, after all) I went off with Courtney to get her some coffee, or something, and I think Lynette showed up with a party of Utes to pick you up. Bishop and lung were last seen discussing atomic excavation techniques.

    Anyway, you were there and you must remember what I told you about the paleos at that time.

  2. Mr. Sabato,

    “And without a contract, there can be no rights” is not a paleoconservative position, but a libertarian one since paleoconservatives ground their position in the natural law where right is a reciprocal of duty. See:

    II II Q.57 A1

    Rights via contract is a paleolibertarian position promulgated by men such as Rothbard. For instance Rothbard argues that abortion is acceptable because there is not a contract between the mother and the child, thus the mother does not have a duty via contract to not kill the child.

  3. Further, the thread you link is a very poor example if it is your intention to give an example of paleoconservative thought, since paleocoservatism is grounded in the Catholic Faith. Virtually all the arguments given were not the least bit Catholic. Even Nicolas Moses, who is Catholic wrote like a Calvinist begging for a Geneva under Calvinist rule.

  4. I know perfectly well that they are misrepresenting the Catholic position. That is what paleocons do, constantly. They dress up their shabby power-seeking in a false front of pious hypocrisy. In reality, they are both ignorant of and indifferent to religious faith – Catholic or otherwise – except insofar as it cand be distorted in order to bolster up some dubious political and secular hierarchy. You may think that paleoconservatism is “grounded in the Catholic faith” but it is not. Look at paleocon John Zmirek and his attitude towards fellow-Catholics who happen to be Mexican. With these people, when racial bigotry collides with Christian brotherhood, Christian brotherhood goes out the window.

  5. Mr. Sabotta,

    While I am a paleoconservative because I’m Catholic, I have nevertheless found the common paleocon position on immigration to be highly questionable and self defeating. The common position gives ticit credence to Leviathan which is destroying the very culture they are attempting to save and protect from Leviathan’s grasp. Which makes about as much sense as asking a dragon to protect Catholic cultural gold, which it will do at the cost of Catholic cultural life.

    And what is this dragon, it’s not immigration per se, but the paleocon promotion of the crypto-eugeinic movement’s intent of homogenizing America into a single entity. In contrast to which, as Aristotle writes on the polis, to all natural bodies there is a limit, and the US is by nature beyond that which is natural as a proper state. Through their tacit credence, paleocons advocate a single culture where none is naturally possible, and secondly where this artificial US culture which is being formed in the US is far less Catholic than those who are immigrating.

    The immigrants by nature form smaller communities which are natural. The crypto-eugenicists use government entities such as Urban Renewal, government schools etc, to destroy those natural culturally singular entities, and replace them with an homogenous culture which advocates that which is most base in men. Just as the parishes were once based in the culture of the parishioners, and where parishes overlapped because the cultures overlapped, we now have mega-parishes of 10.000 families which lack all capacity to form the community they exist in.

    In an issue of Chronicles awhile back, there was an excellent article which goes to the heart of the problem. John Francis Nieto’s article in Chronicles was in the final analysis about the nature of place; and just as the mechanist theory is incapable of explaining life, for the cause of life does not exist within matter which is not previously living, i.e for instance. the logarithmic ratio is
    intrinsically unstable and incapable of being caused from that which is non-living, so likewise is the mechanist theory incapable of placing man properly in God’s creation. For just as the mechanist theory disconnects men from nature, so likewise does the modern culture of the crypto-eugenicists disconnect man from his natural state as a political animal by thowing him into a vast ocean of humanity where he is no more in place in one part of the ocean than in another.

    It is not unlike the pantheists where all is god, and thus God ceases to exist, for men must have their place, just as in the principle of subsidiarity, men have their proper place according to function. Or to put it another way. In our Fraternity of St. Peter parish here in Denver, the young families as a whole have no idea how to raise their children Catholic for there is not a culture to fall back upon to look to as a guide. Each family is cast adrift, groping for the best method. And the crypto-eugenicist modernist homogenous culture, is of no help in guiding these families. For just as in subsidiarity a parent knows that his teaching of children is inviolable, so likewise is culture a guide in how subsidiarity is to be enacted. And the priests are just as much adrift in their insistence that the children be instructed by them, and not by the parents. They don’t know their place either.

    This complete breakdown of culture and of man knowing his place in society is not accidental, but the intent of the crypto-eugenicists and their fomenting on men their homogenous national culture. But these are but outward signs of a more inward act.

    For while the culture war of the cryto-eugenicists is visible, it is but theoutward sign of a the war between the City of God and the City of Earth. Immigration is not the issue, but a wedge to separate men from their natural place and thus finally for God. It is not accidental the Pioneer fund and Pathfinders funds the anti-immigrant advocates, for they are doing the work of the crypto-eugenicists. And it is in this regard that Sam Francis plays the role of the useful idiot for the crypto-eugenicists in his advocating for a national homogeneous culture which is antithetical to Catholic life.

    Of course it can be said that is not what the paleocons advocate, but that is the effect of their work, and it is why the crypto-eugenicists fund those they associates with.

    In this regard, Chronicles magazine regularly argues against itself, for it in one instance recognizes the polis as the natural state, but yet in other instances argues for the homogenous nation-state of the crypto-eugenicists because it fails to see the middle term of contradiction.

    I’ve left much more unsaid, than said, but I’m sure you can fill in the basic gist of my argument. If I have left it far too unclear, let me know. I will fill in the details. This post is too long as it is.

  6. I suppose I could search for keywords in your preceding tome and address them individually, but the work of grasping the gestalt is not adequately re-imbursed.

  7. No, I’d say this is true enough. I would also add that the spread of evolutionary psychology throughout the libertarian movement has a similarly destructive effect. My commentary on this sort of thing can be found here.

  8. That was pretty funny. I could almost smell BillyBeckism dripping off of that sermon.

    But I still like that unintended compliment from no-treason better, that links me to Dawkins. :) BTW, the Vogue has worked out pretty well, thanks for the advice.

  9. …and just as the mechanist theory is incapable of explaining life, for the cause of life does not exist within matter which is not previously living, i.e for instance. the logarithmic ratio is intrinsically unstable

    Say what? Can you explain that for instance?

    I think it virtually certain that life arose from inanimate matter though there is no fully satisfactory explanation yet. You have another explanation?

  10. “You have another explanation?”

    In the beginning, two thousand years before the heaven and the earth, seven things were created: the Torah written with black fire on white fire, and lying in the lap of God; the Divine Throne, erected in the heaven which later was over the heads of the Hayyot; Paradise on the right side of God, Hell on the left side; the Celestial Sanctuary directly in front of God, having a jewel on its altar graven with the Name of the Messiah, and a Voice that cries aloud, “Return, ye children of men.”

    Years ago, late one night, Sunny read that excerpt from Louis Ginzberg’s Legends of the Jews aloud to us as we were sitting on her big purple leather couch listening to phat tracks. I wrote it down and I never forgot it.

  11. Got three job offers today. There was a time when I would have taken the money (Beck-style) or the prestige (Empire-style) but I think I’ll take the rainy goth women this time.

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