Mighty River Of Dreams and Revelations

(For Sunny, prophet, seer and revelator of South Salt Lake City, and for Alethea, the Oracle of the University District)

At this time I had another dream that Howard Grant, a seminary teacher in Arizona came rushing up in a black new car. He said, “Bishop, come and I will show you where rich gold is, right up the road in Water Canyon.” So Bishop Koyle, Lewis Wright, Willard Fuller and I got in the car and up the road we went. We were clipping along nicely about half way up the Canyon when suddenly the car stopped and started rolling backwards. I became frightened and said,”Howard, put your foot on that brake or we will all be destroyed.” He paid no heed. Then said Bishop, “Put your foot on that brake or we will all be destroyed;” but he would not budge. Then I parted the front seat and slapped the brake to the floor, but there was no brake, so we plunged off, more than 1,000 feet to the bottom of the canyon, landing right side up. We all got out of the car and looked at each other. I said to Howard, “You had [153] better get your brakes fixed.” He took a brush out of a quart can and began to paint around his hat band. Lewis walked over and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Jesse, I want to thank you for saving our lives.” I said, “Don’t thank me. I tried but could do no good; thank the Lord.”

The only thing missing from this account was the part where they moved the car and found that they had landed upon Wile E. Coyote.

“Bishop didn’t like the idea of others having dreams about the mine, and when I told him a dream, he angrily turned to me and said, “Who’s dreaming about this mine, you or me?” As well might man put forth his puny arm to stop the Missouri River in its decreed course as to stop the Lord from pouring down revelations upon the heads of the Latter-day Saints.” – Jesse L. Young, quoted in RELIEF MINE II

then lung sleeps on the grass and lung dreams. sometimes lung dreams about a donut. sometimes lung dreams about you. sometimes lung dreams about a lung who dreams about you. do you dream about lung? who is dreaming who? are you dreaming right now?lung

9 thoughts on “Mighty River Of Dreams and Revelations”

  1. See, in a world where everything is hopeless, only the unknown and the miraculous can offer any hope.

    Of course, maybe this is just a way of saying “There is no hope.”

  2. That wasn’t your attitude in the car when we were falling down that canyon, Kennedy. Then you were right glad to see little lung.

  3. hi kennedy! dont worry. bishop koyle said that the commies and hilary would get as far the rockies but that priesthood powers from heaven (that means lung) would stop them, and that old glory would always be safe.

    dont worry, kennedy. lung is your friend.

  4. We are, so to speak, like the Happy Tree Friends, characters trapped in a vylgar, sadistic and derivative plot in the hands of evil creators who cause pain and agony for cheap humor. As long as the internal logic of the narrative (a=a) is dominant, than there is no hope. To quote Philip K.Dick (from, I think, A MAZE OF DEATH) only help from outside can be of any use.

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