Aslan Shrugged

The strangely brilliant Hitherby Dragons reconciles Objectivism and Christianity:

The lion lays himself down on the table. “Peter,” he says. “Have you a sword?”

Though only 13, Peter is a general in the military of three separate countries, and so he answers, “A dress sword.”

“Then draw it,” says Aslan, “and cut open my heart.”

“I can’t,” says Peter.

The lion is silent.

Peter’s face contorts with a terrible grief and shame. “You cannot ask this. It is too much.”

“Do you know,” asks the lion, “how spring comes to Narnia?”

Peter looks at Susan, who is the closest to a natural scientist amongst the Pevensie children.

“It’s usually fairly standardized,” Susan says.

“When it is a winter such as this,” says Aslan, “brought by sin compounded upon sin, incompetence compounding inefficiency, the king must give his life to break the winter cold. This is the thing that the witch could never do.”

“But how can you sacrifice your life?” weeps Peter.

The lion’s words are terrible, and they lash at Peter like the winter cold. “Have I not told you, Son of Adam? Have you no ears? I do not make sacrifices.”

“I’m sorry,” whispers Peter.

“I am not sacrificing my life,” says Aslan. “I am exchanging it for a thing of greater value. I do this for the animals, that they may know another spring; for the centaurs, and the women of the wood and well, and the fauns, and the unicorns; and for Edmund, who was tasted the Turkish Delight and cannot otherwise be redeemed.”

“Din’t taste it,” says Edmund. “Just touched it. Maybe with my tongue. Just a little. But not really tasting.”

Peter looks at Edmund.

“I do not do this thing,” rumbles Aslan, “because you are unworthy and small. You are not. I do not do this thing to save an evil land. It is not. I do this because Narnia is good. I do this because you are good. I do this because you are worth this to me. Because in a world that seems very dark I will prove to you that you are worthy of my life.”

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