Coffee, Tea, Or A Bullet In The Head?


Brian Doyle, the #2 spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, has done yeoman work in helping Americans understand how the Transportation Security Administration is protecting them. After TSA air marshals gunned down Rigoberto Alipizar outside of a plane in Miami last December, Doyle justified the killing to the media: “He threatened that he had a bomb in his backpack.” Other TSA spokesmen claimed that Alipizar had shouted that he had a bomb as he ran up and down the plane aisle.

None of the passengers on the plane heard Alpizar say anything about a bomb.

But false statements by federal spokesmen are public service, not a federal crime.

Doyle is getting more press coverage today than ever before.

Like Bovard I’m far more concerned about the fact that Doyle appears to have been part of a conspiracy to cover up a government homicide than the fact that he was caught chatting up a 14 year old girl online.

The government has has still failed to produce a single witness who will support their story that Alpizar said he had a bomb. Quite the contrary.

This isn’t a case of the word of multiple eyewitnesses against the word of Federal Air Marshals – it’s multiple eyewitnesses against nobody but flacks like Doyle.

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