Bush Calls for Biometric ID

As predicted Bush just opened the door for national biometric ID:

Third, we need to hold employers to account for the workers they hire. It is against the law to hire someone who is in this country illegally. Yet businesses often cannot verify the legal status of their employees, because of the widespread problem of document fraud. Therefore, comprehensive immigration reform must include a better system for verifying documents and work eligibility. A key part of that system should be a new identification card for every legal foreign worker. This card should use biometric technology, such as digital fingerprints, to make it tamper-proof. A tamper-proof card would help us enforce the law and leave employers with no excuse for violating it. And by making it harder for illegal immigrants to find work in our country, we would discourage people from crossing the border illegally in the first place.

Of course the fraudulent documents currently being used often represent the immigrant as a legal citizen, so Bush’s proposed card won’t do much at all until all citizens are required to have them.

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  1. Does it ever occur to you, John, that the constant insistence and godlike worship of “the free market” is actually driving additional government regulation?

    I suppoes not.

  2. Of course the fraudulent documents currently being used often represent the immigrant as a legal citizen, so Bush’s proposed card won’t do much at all until all citizens are required to have them.

    Oh, I think Bush’s proposed card will do a good deal of things.

  3. I assume he means it’s in a companies best interest to push for government regulation, to give them market advantage. Which is true. Interesting question, if every competitor to firm X is getting subsidies, is it right for firm X to do so, so they can compete?


    Note that the Biometric ID has got as a real purpose to violate the natural
    Universal reunion of Humans with the Universal Ruler.

    When people die there spirit exists their body and starts passing the Universal check points till it gets to the one appropriate as to its progress done here , where it awaits for a new mission .

    The spirit though is active right now in our body as the so called Aura
    By using the Sigh- the Id Electronic fasma the Aura is violated –modified -transformed in a way that it can not
    Act its natural universal reunion. It denies its reunion with the source of the Universe

    It’s something like the magnets when one pushes away the other .Aura –Trap –ID
    When the New Universe of God shall take place those Spirits won’t be able to become a member. A member of Paradise. They will fall of and vanish.

    Why all that? Its about the violators –devils plans for creating their new creation
    A new creation that shall not have as ruler God him self neither his Rules But devil

    Those getting the sigh are in fact the cement for their new creation- building of the violators
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    That’s what the nefelim claim of all have a right to Live For those to have violated the Rulers Rules.

    This the esxat threat of humanity –not as to this level –earth but as to the next. Paradise.

    All the work that has been done in order to be a good person will never be paid on the next level Paradise shall be lost for ever even if you are a Saint!
    This is not a Global conspiracy but a Universal one done not by people by the Universes violators all around the universe plus those here ,beings and people

    Why is earth so important? Once it not so much developed
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    For all For the Creator and those against Him –Violators. All MUST know that the
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    Chaos is the field –Holy light the sperm
    And the violators have designed on chaos but haven’t got the sperm
    UNIVERSAL HISTORY is what they are .


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