Whereby I offend our Christian readers

My wife and I are both ex-Catholics, raising two young boys without giving them particularly strong opinions on religion one way or another. It’s simply not something that comes up. Anyhow, my five-year old (“D”) came inside and had the following conversation with his seven-year-old brother, “G”.

D: I’m a Christian. (pause) What does that mean?
G: It means you believe in Jesus… and the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus. You know, “spirit stuff.”
D: Oh, yeah, I believe in that. And the Easter Bunny, too.

I’m going to be done laughing later tonight.

15 thoughts on “Whereby I offend our Christian readers”

  1. ROFL. anti-semitism ? are you kidding me?

    Are you sure both of those cases arent staged at all? God. That is too fucking classic to be true. If it is true.. thats absolutely hilarious

  2. because rights, like god and the tooth fairy, have been dreamt up by man, because it’s comforting for people to believe such things..

  3. I would much prefer you not to, the world would be a better place if you didn’t , but i could invoke all the “rights” in the world and it wouldn’t stop you punching me in the face, if you were that way inclined…
    of course, it would have to be a good punch, ‘cos if it wasn’t you’d quickly feel the weight of my knee on your nuts – and theres not a right in the world that would protect you..

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