How I Became A Scientologist

(…In The Deeply Confused Mind Of Meaghan Walker-Williams)

For more than a year now Meaghan Walker-Williams has been accusing the editors of No Treason of being Scientologists. Recently she clearly declared her suspicions:

Oh, btw Kennedy, the folks at Scientology’s FLAG in Clearwater stopped by, judging by sitemeter. You might be due for sec check real soon!

Casual Readers may want to check out John T Kennedy’s admission that he is a practioner of Scientology “tech” and his girlfriend Lynette Warren’s “warnings” to me, not to criticize her religion , Scientology, here on the prog-blog website. For More Info On Scientology’s Views On Abortions – and in fact COERCING women to have Abortions if they are low ranking Scientologists… visit the following website. ALSO visit HERE from Absinthe and Cookies.

(By the way, please follow her link and see if Lynette said what Meaghan claims.)


A few years ago in a discussion, Kennedy and Warren let it slip out that they had a connection with Scientology, in that, during the middle of another weird situation occuring — See a mutual friend of ours was organizing a boycott of a Scientology Front Gun School called “Front Sight”,

[Here Meaghan again provides the link to her investigative piece that blew the lid off this story: No Treason Admits It’s Connection To The Dangerous and Criminal Cult Of Scientology. – jtk]


Now, I firmly believe that Kennedy and Warren are Scientologists based on their own admissions, and actions. And if other libertarians become aware of this, they will lose any credibility at all for anything they may be hoping to achieve. In Libertarian circles – not to put too fine a point on it… being a scientologist, (unless you are perhaps in South Florida, near Clearwater) – you are about as welcome as a KKK member at an African American Gospel Church Choir practice.

This really says so much about Meaghan’s psyche. Her wet dream is that I will lose credibility in libertarian circles. It reflects her own deep-seated fear of losing acceptance. It’s why Meaghan routinely frames her arguments with long explanations of who is on the good team, who is on the bad team, and who is apt to get their good-team credentials revoked if they don’t stop consorting with the bad team – but pronto!

The only problem with her fantasy is that I don’t give a rolling donut about credibility in libertarian circles.

So anyway, how did Meaghan discover that I’m a Scientologist? She’s already provided the links needed to explain her detective work. It all started back on Mike Schneider’s American Liberty forum. There was an argument about Front Sight’s suit against Diana Hsieh in which Lynette and I argued (among other things) that Hsieh had been harassing Front Sight. Meaghan wrote to Lynette:

You and John can play pattycakes nice-nice with any Scientologists that you want, and even promote Piazza and his business and you are even free to suggest that Hsiah has somehow done something wrong by merely questioning what’s going on with an organization
that she was involved in, and had financially contributed to.

In response to this I “let slip” the following admission:

No Treason itself has no connection with Piazza and we are not promoting Front Sight or Scientology. Furthermore, No Treason is in no way, shape, or form connected to or affilated with ANY religion– Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist, Scientology, Mormon, Muslim, etc. We have 15 contributors and I cannot tell you what religious backgrounds they all have as it makes no difference to No Treason. We do not ask, we do not care. Does No Treason use some of the
business technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Scientology? Yes, and so do the following companies:

Bell and Howell
Getty Oil
Pacific Stereo
Winston Tires
Del Taco
Broadway Department Stores

Does the use of Hubbard Business Managment Systems connect or affiliate these businesses and governments (or No Treason) with Scientology? Of course not.

Predictably, this “admission” distressed Meaghan. I thought Schneider gave the game away when, within 24 hours, he revealed that the text was a direct cut and paste (with a few substitutions) from Piazza’s email to Hsieh, which was (and remains) posted on Hsieh’s web site. And indeed, this revelation did give Meaghan some pause. But she still couldn’t figure it out. She wasn’t the only one. We had fun stringing the group members along for days with evasive answers and non-denial denials.

Eventually I explained it all to Tim Starr:

As to the gag, I admit to being mildly puzzled as to why you and Mike would have bought it. The text was a direct swipe from the web site under discussion, something I could not have suspected to go unnoticed for long. It’s a rather strange way to reveal NT policy, isn’t it? You missed my confirmation that the revelation was not real, and that’s fine because I was trying to leave people the opportunity to miss it. But I never confirmed that it really was NT policy, it was just hanging out there all by itself. I would think that for someone who had some significant experience of dealing with me and NT, the outlandish idea that we were really using Hubbard Management Technologies to put out a blog would not be the simplest explanation of the revelation. The simplest explanation was that the post wasn’t serious.

But hey, it’s not like I’ve never fallen hook line and sinker for a gag. Early last year Lynette announced on whitewater that she’d taken a job with the GSA, and she gave a link to the GSA showing Lynette Warren did work there and revealing her work number and email. I bought it big time and privately urged her to kill the post because it would give weasels direct access to her professional life. In the newsgroup I tried to muddy the waters by posting links to a bunch of different Lynette Warrens, attempting to pass off her announcement as a joke. But the joke was on me of course, her link was no more legitimate than the ones I posted.

I laughed my ass off when she let me in on the joke.

I made her pay for it though. She’s still paying for it.

Meaghan read all of this four years ago. I answered her questions directly once the gag had run it’s course. She stopped accusing me of being a Scientologist until last year when she got pissed off about my exposé of her sock puppet theater and she went on the warpath.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. How could Meaghan imagine I was a Scientologist after reading those threads? Could it be that when she got angry it simply became easier to believe whatever she wanted to believe? Lynette and I were delighted and started googling the web for scientologist jargon to sprinkle into our responses to Meaghan. We let Lopez in on the gag and he eagerly joined in. It was all obviously way over the top but it worked like a charm! She became more and more certain that we were scientologists.

And now that she’s sufficiently pissed again she thinks an anti-Scientology crusade is just the thing to bring us to our knees.



What’s a party without a Piñata?

Update (11-7-06): The candy continues to spill out of the piñata as Meaghan ramps up her delusions.

26 thoughts on “How I Became A Scientologist”

  1. Thank goodness for the internet. I can only imagine how many people would be lured into the criminal underworld by their deisre for excitement if they did not have access to safe, healthy alternatives like libertarian infighting.

  2. healthy alternatives like libertarian infighting

    I’m all for libertarian infighting, but Meaghan Walker Williams isn’t really a libertarian. She’s a race hustler, a Womyn’s Studies worshipping mystic who is heavily steeped in the contempory aboriginal pastime of benefit farming off the taxpayers.

  3. As to Meaghan’s charge that I’d prefer that she had aborted her daughters:

    And based on the following, It seems a FACT to me, that since Richard Evans of the Christian Conservatives, and John T Kennedy of the Whacked-Out Scientologist “No Treason” blog, think this is a point to ridicule me for…I guess it’s safe to say they would have preferred I have killed Snuquaal and Luquluush, than have chosen life.

    Or maybe they didn’t get the message that ridiculing women for choosing life instead of murdering their fetuses, wasn’t cool.

    So the alternative to “choosing life”, as Meaghan did with these two daughters, would have been to murder her fetuses?

    Meaghan has the world turned upside down as usual. She knows very well that I’ve always argued against abortion. She, on the other hand, characterized what she aborted as a “clump of meat”:

    If somebody makes a claim that a clump of meat has rights – or that any entity has the right to dependency of others – then I always will make the arguement that the clump of meat does not. Because the suggestion is a denial of what rights ARE how they are derived and why they must be respected.

    That does not contradict what Billy is talking about here.

    [She’s responding to a passage where Beck says: “I maintain that no respectable person in ordinary circumstances would endorse abortion. To my mind, the person who does so has almost always arrived at the crisis because of a more fundamental irresponsibility over one of the most serious aspects of human existence.” – jtk]

    Your arguement is an assault on property rights and in fact would turn women, men and IVF clinicians into property of the embryos that they create.

    I won’t have another abortion. But I never laboured under the illusion that the abortion I did have was wrong _*because*_ I owed it to the embryo that was removed from my body to provide for it.

    If it came down the same sort of decision today, accidental pregnancy – I’d probably adopt out – even if there was a high-medical risk, associated with the blood-pressure and gestational diabetes of both my pregnancies.

    [Meaghan’s daughter Snuquaal was born five months after this post]

    I would adopt out – rather than abort – because I did not like what Abortion did to me. I recognized – even at the time that even though the embryo did not have a “right” to the use of my body – (regardless of the issue of medical peril to me) – without my consent, I was the one who denied consent.

    Much the same way that I feel bad, when somebody I care about is hungry – and I can’t feed them Or somebody in my family is homeless and I don’t have room to offer them in my house. Or hell – even when scores of people call me up to ask for help with their problems with the band office – and I don’t have the resources to do everything that they need done to solve their problem.

    This of course begs the question of why a clump of meat should be compared to a hungry person or a homeless family member. You can get a clump of meat any time you want at the market, and there’s no reason to feel bad about not taking care of it. You certainly can’t murder a clump of meat. It’s obvious that in her gut she considered her “clump of meat” a person: Her child.

    But I think it’s great that she took her next two unplanned pregnancies to term and turned her daughters over to parents that were prepared to provide for them.

    It’s less great that a woman in her thirties is having her third and fourth (and fifth?) high-risk accidental pregnancy.


    I didn’t do anything to apologize for, or to be ashamed of.

    It’s natural to feel ashamed when you’re not prepared to raise your own children. Do you think your bout of psychosis after giving your daughter away was a coincidence?

  4. I guess it’s safe to say they would have preferred I have killed Snuquaal and Luquluush, than have chosen life.

    Okay, I can’t be the only person who laughed upon reading those names.

  5. Snuquaal and Luquluush…, You see, that’s what happens when you lock children in their rooms for years at a time while you battle the internet demons of your own invention.

    They never learn how to speak.

    Da snuquaal norkl mprouuly da Luquluush? Mama?

  6. Look, Kate, as far as I know those are perfectly respectable American Indian names. Meaghan deserves every single brickbat thrown at her for her wretched behavior, her endless and wretchedly pathetic attention-getting schemes, her dishonesty, her stupidity and her hysteria, but her children have nothing to do with any of that. Making fun of their names on a public forum is both irrelevant and distasteful, and, in my opinion, should not be done.

  7. I think Holmes got censored on the Mises blog one time for suggesting that a guest speaker shouldn’t try to hide his baldness.

  8. Making fun of their names on a public forum is both irrelevant and distasteful, and, in my opinion, should not be done.

    I’ve never been much about good taste, but Kate’s remarks are fairly stupid from a tactical standpoint. McMillan’s main vulnerability is that she’s not very far out on the fringe and so thus is vulnerable to getting caught saying certain categories of things.

    See, this is an opportunity to take the moral high ground away from Kate by having something substantive to build on. Meaghan could be the brave Indian activist, doing what she can to preserve what little remains of Coast Salish culture, enduring the slings and arrows of people who only make fun of what they don’t understand. She could even magnaminously exempt Kate from charges of outright racism, instead taking pity on her ignorance and using this as an opportunity to educate (ceaselessly pester) her about the matter. Then McMillan’d look like an asshole no matter what she did: ignore the matter, deny it, evade it, cop to it, whatever. Any response to it would be candy or a trophy.

    Not that this matters in context, because Meaghan isn’t capable of handling the matter effectively.

  9. I see no point in making fun of Indian names, but are these really her daughters names? I kinda don’t think so. I notice that she can’t seem to settle on a spelling for Luqluush (or Luquluush) and that Meaghan herself posts under the name Snuquaal (for instance when she pitches her friend Russell Means for an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm (while misspelling his name seven or eight times)).

    I bet Meaghan’s daughters were actually named by their adoptive parents, and the names are not Luq and Snuq.

  10. Your propensity for the cruel exploitation of innocent Indian maidens is already a matter of record, orribile Doctor Kennedy.

    As for Meaghan, I find it too difficult to keep up with all the details of her nightmarish life.

  11. You should collect quotes from the many blog postings Meaghan has made and JTK has made and turn it into some kind of tv show or web drama or illustrated book or something.

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