Torture for a Good Cause

“Is C-SPAN worthwhile?” asked a contributor to Wendy McElroy’s forum?.

Well, it’s not as messy as waterboarding and it doesn’t leave any marks.

And speaking of worthwhile efforts, Brad Spangler is looking for a few good dungeonmasters to help him “stand before the Balrog”. Kennedy, who identified the madness of sanctioning State torture three years ago, has volunteered to help.


I want to get waterboarded. In order to call attention to this heinous practice and make it the subject of broader public condemnation, I believe it needs to be shown to people. I’m volunteering in order for it to be so shown — online, as a video. These are the sort of dark times that demand a Gandalf to stand before the Balrog and shout “You shall not pass!“. That’s not me, but I can take my best shot at it.

Here’s the plan…

I’m asking for the following volunteers:

1) A lawyer to help us put together all of the appropriate waivers and confirm we can do this without government intervention.
2) A psychiatrist or other trained mental health professional to confirm for all interested parties that I am not acting on any self destructive impulse or urge to do myself harm. I’m not. This is a political statement.
3) A doctor or certified paramedic willing to stand by and administer treatment if it looks like things have gone to far.
4) A videographer to document it.
5) At least one trusted friend willing to help me — by torturing me.


I volunteer for # 5.

Who says we’re not team players? Who says we’re not willing to get down in the trenches and put our shoulders to the wheel for liberty?

6 thoughts on “Torture for a Good Cause”

  1. Anonymous2:

    Lynette, your sense of humor has always been on the edge of good taste….

    But seriously, it’s not a bad idea to use a demonstration of waterboarding as a public statement. Brad’s idea falls flat in that he’s having himself waterboarded, which proves very little.

    If/when Brad gets waterboarded and if it’s a horrific experience, how will it be perceived as it’s being done to him? Any torture advocate witnessing the spectacle of Brad choking, crying, or appearing to be traumatized by the event might say he’s just a wuss or that he’s overdramatizing the effect of it.

    The best way to use a public demonstration of waterboarding would be to have a torture advocate hop on the ol’ waterboard and show that it’s really not cruel and unusual treatment. Grab Ann Coulter out of the crowd of chortling onlookers and give her couple three hours of it along with about a month of listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers on full volume in a 48 degree cell with no blankets, then see how glib she is about it on her next speaking engagement.

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