Kip Condor Is A Lazybones!

I was working my way through the search line at the airport. Lost in thought, I was pondering how to get more production out of certain writers at No Treason. I got to the point where I was asked to turn over my toiletries in a clear plastic bag, and for some reason I suddenly scrawled “Kip Condor Is A LazyBones!” on it.

“What’s this about?”, asked an impertinent TSA screener, holding up the bag.

I pinned him with an icy stare, like a matador would stare down…

…well, in this case, a sheep.

“It’s… a… long… story…”, I spat the words softly, lacing each syllable with infinite contempt.

“Whatever”, he replied, looking terribly bored as he passed the bag along.

“Have a nice flight”, droned the insufferable quisling as I was collecting my belongings.

I froze him the patented icy stare again, this time for a full three seconds, until I summarily dismissed him with a scornful, “See you later.”

As I turned away, I could swear I heard him say, “Baa, now.”

4 thoughts on “Kip Condor Is A Lazybones!”

  1. JTK,

    You are too funny. You and some of the other writers here at NT make the site just that much more interesting because you’re able to have a sense of humour even about serious and egregious violations of our civil liberties.




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