13 thoughts on “A Psychotic Cow Incinerates for Liberty”

  1. Hey!

    Who’s that dark-haired chick on the somenamedia blog page?

    She’s cute AND mean-looking!
    Hey, baby, I’m a single masochist and I’m available!

  2. Let me just state for the record that Stephan Kinsella has, as far as I know, no connection to Scientology. I don’t know what religious background he has, it is irrelevant to No-Treason’s day-to-day operations. No-Treason.com has a wide variety of commentors from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, some of them may be Scientologists. I don’t know and I don’t care.

    Have I personally read books by L. Ron Hubbard? Yes I have. Do those books interfere with my conduct as an editor of No-Treason? No they do not. Let’s hope that I have been sufficiently Clear on this matter and that we can put to rest any concerns that may exist about the operation or management of No-Treason.

  3. > And you always will be available, Broward.

    Possibly true from what I’ve learned about women this year.
    I sure can’t see any reason to get married again!

    I’ve given up on my own age group, I’ve been meeting women in their early twenties, I’m averaging about 3 or 4 per week without much effort. This week – Vanessa, Paula, Chris and Drew (the names on my website are aliases). Last week it was Ericka, Glenda, another Chris, Star.

    All in their twenties, met them playing pool or at a dance club.

    I’ve quit taking it seriously, though, I just go out and have fun now. Last night I watched four grim Air Force boys taking it seriously at the dance club, I felt sorry for them. They headed off to a stripper bar, but the dance club is a lot more fun, even if you don’t score. Especially if you don’t score.

    I’m supposed to get serious job offer next week, around $130K and I’ve got a Saudi gig pending that’s more, but I find it hard to care much about any of it anymore, people are so banal, self-absorbed and petty these days.

  4. Music list 2007:

    M83 – America from Dead Cities, RedSeas and Lost Ghosts
    Death from Above 1979 – Blood on Our Hands
    Polyphonic Spree –Hold Me Now

    (lung loves the polyphonic spree)

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