“He said the moment he captured was a tender, humane one.”

That’s what one Justin Cook, credentialed photographer for the Durham Police Department’s SWAT team, had to say about this heartwarming photo. Radley Balko directly quotes the photographer like so:

There is not much for me to say other than that during a chaotic day, this one moment was an ironic sliver of compassion and humanity.

Of course there isn’t so much compassion and humanity present that it deserves to actually stay in public view, or anything. At this time, it appears that the links to the photo and to the original post aren’t working. “Caption witheld at request of photographer.” says yet another reference. In addition, Cook apparently accused Balko of libel(!) merely for publicizing the photo at all. It seems clear that the photographer is attempting to bury his own photograph.

Who attempts to bury a prize-winning photo that they judge captures a moment of compassion and humanity?

The photo captured a tender moment of compassion, it doesn’t exist anyway, and you’re libelous if you mention it besides. How much more clear do we need to be that there is absolutely nothing to see here, Citizen?

4 thoughts on ““He said the moment he captured was a tender, humane one.””

  1. I hadn’t seen Cook’s blog post, and seeing as the link is down as you noted, I found the cached version:


    Here’s the text of Cook’s post Life is Beautiful (seriously, that’s the title):

    hope and humanity within necessary madness. as his mom freaked out, the kid didnt even cry, he didnt flinch. he hugged and high-fived the officers. it was unlike any thing i have seen out here. he must be used to raids. how brave. how moving. how sad :(

    i gave him a high-five when i left.

    how will i ever stop working with the Durham Police? I don’t know the answer to that.

    I half-expected to see comments supportive of his statement regarding the “compassion and humanity” only to read more depressing examples of State entanglement. The kid was stoic and then euphoric at seeing these SWAT guys raiding his parents’ place. It’s as though the raid was reuniting him with his true parents.

    I’ve been soliciting captions on Cook’s Drug Raid photo here if anyone has a good one.

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