The Law Is The Law. Or Something.

I saw Ron Paul on CNN’s Situation Room today, he was filibustering to burn up any time during which he might have to face more questions about his newsletters. One thing he said was that he would pardon anyone convicted of a non-violent drug crime. That’s pretty sweet.

But in the Fox debate tonight when the subject of illegal immigration came up he said, “The law is the law and it ought to be enforced.”


If the law is the law for wetbacks why shouldn’t the law be the law for tweakers?

8 thoughts on “The Law Is The Law. Or Something.”

  1. JTK,

    You misunderstood Senor Paul. When he was answering that question, he was imagining himself in the White House already for a few months, by which time he had managed to get Congress to repeal the drug war laws.

    In that situation, the drug laws have been repealed, but the immigration laws haven’t. You see, the law is the law and it should be enforced!

    Thems is fightin’ words, an’ consistent, too!

  2. Welcome back, NT.

    JTK, you (of all peapole) expect a politician to be consistant?

    They are ALL sly, underhanded, backscratchin’ sumbitches.

  3. I thought of a possible explanation for the discrepancy between Paul’s advocacy of pardoning drug prisoners & enforcing immigration laws:

    1) Many drug prisoners are actually violent criminals who were only convicted of drug crimes due to plea-bargaining or evidentiary difficulties;
    2) Many drug prisoners who weren’t violent criminals prior to imprisonment have become violent as a survival strategy by joining prison gangs for “protection.”

    Together, this might not account for most drug prisoners, but it would at least be significant minority of them.

    So, if all of these violent drug prisoners were pardoned by President Paul, there would be a large population of violent criminals released into the general population. Many of them would no doubt resume their careers of violent crime. While some of them would be caucasians like the Aryan Brotherhood, many would be non-white.

    How would Ron Paul’s neo-Nazi supporters react to this? I remember when populists like Mike Rivero were advocating having citizen militias patrol the streets & summarily execute drug dealers. I’m sure that Stormfront et alia would be happy to play the part of the heroic saviors of “real” (i.e., white) Americans from the violent non-white drug-dealing hordes who’d obviously been coddled for too long by the “liberal” prison system. They just might get the race war they’ve been wanting for so long – or at least give it a good try.

  4. Starr,

    Although of course we don’t really know if Paul wants to start a race war, I think it’s more likely he’s just being a weasel.

    Maybe he’d pardon drug offenders and maybe he wouldn’t. I suspect that any attempts by a President Paul at wide-spread pardons of nonviolent offenders of any sort would result in his impeachment and conviction. I also suspect that Paul knows this and he futher knows he isn’t getting elected any time soon anyway.

    So what does it matter what he says? Hell, if Kennedy’s analysis of the context is correct maybe Paul was just saying things he calculated to be outrageous in the hope that people’d stop asking about the newletters.

  5. Lopez:

    We agree about the probability of Paul’s impeachment if he (miraculously) were elected & actually tried to do anything radically libertarian like pardon all drug prisoners. Far more likely, we’d get no end of excuses from the Paulestinians about why the time wasn’t right to implement any of the libertarian parts of Paul’s program, while all of the unlibertarian parts (like the Great Wall of America along the US-Mexico border) went full-steam ahead, no matter how much more money & land had to be stolen from its private owners in the process.

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