Billy Beck’s Articles Removed From No Treason

In resurrecting No Treason, which has been off the web since 2008, I’ve decided to remove Billy Becks articles from the site, since I no longer have any use for them. This deserves some explanation since Beck was once a major contributor to the site. In 2006 Beck claimed that I was no longer authorized to host his articles:

Kennedy: you are no longer authorized to keep any of my articles here. This has been the fact since the very last thing I ever posted here. You can look it up, although you will refuse to understand it. You have said that *I* said that you can could keep that stuff here as long as the site existed. I didn’t argue with you, and I am not interested to, now. You know what I said: if I actually made that agreement, then I would live with it. I don’t believe that I did, but I’m not interested in the fight, because it would mean dealing with your fucking bullshit exactly one second longer than I care to. But none of that is to the point: that stuff is mine, everybody knows it, and now everyone is clear about it.

At the time I was in no mood to indulge Beck in this matter, since I had paid for the rights to host the material. I’ve decided to explain how I acquired those rights. The following timeline has been reconstructed from memory and context, since I no longer have the original emails, and is probably not completely accurate. But the substance of the agreements is accurate.

Around the time I launched No Treason in June 2001 I sent John Sabotta $50 for the No Treason logo you see above and for design work that went with it. I also sent Beck $50 for three articles he would write for No Treason, articles along the lines of those he had written for Union Square Journal. I never paid another writer for articles, but at the time I considered Beck a draw for the audience I was going after and I thought It would help the site to get him involved. Beck never actually submitted the three articles agreed upon, but the contract was eventually satisfied by mutual agreement. By early 2002 Beck had still submitted nothing. I saw a piece on abortion he’d posted, probably on Usenet, called “You’d Bloody Well Do It Without Me”. I offered to publish this as an article on No Treason as the first of Beck’s three articles. He agreed.

In June of 2002 I started the first blog at No Treason. Beck blogged there but had still not submitted the final two articles by the end of 2002. In early 2003 I offered to accept, in lieu of the two contracted articles, the right to publish a bunch of articles Beck had originally written for Laissez Faire City Times and Union Square Journal, along with a few articles that were on Beck’s own web site.

Mindful of the fact that Beck had withdrawn his articles from Union Square Journal over a disagreement with editor Martin McPhillips, I made it clear to Beck that I was purchasing the right to host those articles on No Treason in perpetuity, along with any blog posts he contributed – I wasn’t paying for material that he could withdraw at whim, as he had done in the past. Beck agreed, retaining the right to publish any of his NT contributions anywhere else he liked.

Beck claims to not remember making such a deal (though note that he stopped short of saying it didn’t happen), and I’ll take him at his word on that. But I do remember, and I retain the rights I purchased. At this time I have no further desire to host the material and and have removed it. It’s possible that I’ve missed stray posts, so if you find a Beck contribution on No Treason please bring it to my attention.

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