My Articles Featured On Other Sites

Here’s a list of my articles that have been featured on other sites. At some point I expect to republish all the articles here, but for now at least these are links to the articles or archived copies:


The Fundamental Fallacy of Government

Marketing Market Anarchism

A Parliament of Whores?

The Revolution Will Be All Business

Disputing Narveson On The Coercion Of Free Riders

Economic Secession

[UPDATE: It seems that has gone away since I posted those links so I’m moving the articles to this blog.]


Look Ma: Invisible Hands

The Invisible Hand Of Spontaneous Corruption

The Wrong Hill

An Embedded Premise

The Fallacy Of Control

A Short Argument For Intellectual Property
(I now recognize the above argument is wrong.)

At the Free State Project:

A Porcupine’s Worth Is His Price

3 thoughts on “My Articles Featured On Other Sites”

  1. JP, I realize now that the counter-example I provided was simply a performance contract that was not binding on other parties. I may contract to do certain things, but that does not make property of any secrets I contract to keep.

  2. It still can be argued that it’s wrong to knowingly benefit from the original breach of contract, even if not directly a party to it.

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