Who Would Jesus Jail For Peaceful Dissent?

As an ex-catholic it seems to me the teachings of Jesus are on their face flatly incompatible with advocacy of any coercive government policy.

I’d really love to hear the Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops explain Christ’s position on the jailing of peaceful dissenters (and the killing of them if they sufficiently resist), something fully implicit in nearly every economic prescription they put forward.

Irwin Schiff may well die in prison for peaceful dissent on taxes. I cannot reconcile approval of such policies with the teachings of Jesus as the Roman Catholic church taught me. Yet such enforcement is necessary for the economic policies these men prescribe.


One thought on “Who Would Jesus Jail For Peaceful Dissent?”

  1. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who is the best popular conservative defender of Pope Francis, can’t make the case for wealth redistribution. His best attempt at it this week only highlights the self-contradictory nature of his defense of it.

    On one hand Dolan claims,
    “The church has consistently rejected coercive systems of socialism and collectivism, because they violate inherent human rights to economic freedom and private property.”

    Then contradicts his claim by extolling the virtues of the State cattle prod:
    “When properly regulated, a free market can certainly foster greater productivity and prosperity.

    Then goes back to advocating what would seem like voluntary generosity based on the free will of businessmen.
    “But, as the Pope continually emphasizes, the essential element is genuine human virtue. Business can be a noble vocation, so long as those engaged in it also serve the common good, acting with a sense of generosity in addition to self-interest.”

    Of course, Cardinal Dolan isn’t engaging any mental contortions that virtually 100% of the rest of the population doesn’t do.

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