The Anti-Government

The Anti-Government

Why get put on a list when you can make your own?


The political hierarchy is made up of numerous people, who in total are a small portion of the population, but large compared to individual civilians and private organizations.

The vast majority of these State-paid agents and officials are actively making the world worse.

The State is difficult to resist on its own terms because of the diffusion of responsibility for destructive decisions among its many layers.

Activists are typically overmatched when trying to thwart State policy via organizing around general causes, or engaging in electoral politics as designed.

Instead of responding to State behavior as an after-the-fact black box, preemptively assume all State actors will necessarily violate rights in the normal course of their duties. Rather than fight org vs org, where the State has a huge scale advantage over the organizing power of uncompensated civilians, rather, fight within an individual vs individual framework where the population has inherently orders of magnitude greater numbers.


One-to-one voluntary self-assignment of individual activists to individual power holders.

Ie Activist Joe is the Anti-Senator of MI; Mary is the Anti-Sheriff of Franklin, MO;  Bob is the Anti-3rd District State Senator of ND; Sue is the Anti-Attorney General of the United States, William is the Anti-Chairman of the Dallas County Democratic Party, etc. Every. Single. One.

This gives each committed activist a unique title and role within the overall cause, and a specific consistent target on which to concentrate their political energy and readily track progress.

What is the job of an Anti-Government Official?

-Counteract their real government counterpart by any means.

How are Anti-Govt Officials chosen?

-Whoever wants the job and demonstrates the most effective resistance. Say George declares himself the Anti-Director of Oklahoma Dept of Corrections, proceeds to mildly annoy the Director of OKDoC in his spare time. Then Jane comes along committing fulltime to frustrating said Director’s agenda. George would hand his title to Jane, happy that a more effective resistor is in that role, and George would pick another not-yet-Antied official to focus his more limited energies against; perhaps the Deputy Director of OKDoC and assist Jane with whatever experience he has gleaned so far against this particular bureaucratic entity. There is no power struggle, because the Anti-Government is all risk and no reward. You do it because it must be done, and if someone else can do it better, you find an easier or lateral target. The more talented and dedicated an Anti-Official, the higher up the chain their actions will be most visibly beneficial.

What tactics are acceptable?

-Anything that is less damaging to society than the target State function, at the sole discretion of the individual willing to actually carry out the tactics in practice. Anything that frightens, humiliates, stymies a govt official to the point of unwillingness or inability to do their job. Maybe surveillance or hacking and reporting of misdeeds. Maybe protests or physical interference in their operations. Maybe electioneering. Whatever keeps the target too harried to carry out their role for the State. Much like jury nullification or CopBlock on a fully comprehensive scale.
Some fine ideas to consider, far from all-encompassing and not all recommended:

What is the end goal?

-The State’s sole purpose is to transfer all surplus wealth from the population to the political elite, as cheaply as possible. The Anti-Government seeks to sabotage that system by making State extraction cost-ineffective and ultimately an unattractive niche abdicated by the current elites and not replaced.

-How is the Anti-Government organized?

It is a mirror image of the real government structure, except without elections, only self-appointed volunteers. Anti-Officials can work together or alone, publicly or secretly, whatever they deem most strategic. If an Anti-Official is secretive to the point no one knows what they are doing, that opens the door to another individual replicating their efforts by being more public about countermeasures and claiming the role. This is not necessarily bad, as two or more Anti-officials after the same real official, even if unaware of each other, still compound the difficulties said real official faces.

How to get started?

-My initial concept: Create a website eg, listing all official positions nation or worldwide, ideally in a graphical org chart. Each State-title-node links to individual bio/blog type page for Anti-officials to describe their ongoing countermeasure activity. They can post what they have learned about their target, and what related officials need Anti-ing to further undermine their own target, and other tactical matters. The Anti-Government will naturally grow in depth and precision as each Anti-Official maps their target’s support hierarchy and vulnerabilities. Each Anti-Official has the time and narrow focus to become an expert on the one State position they aim to sabotage. Hopefully the early adopters will be highly visible and popularize the concept.

Won’t there be retaliation from targeted officials?

-Most assuredly. There are no shortage of activists willing to brave the wide range of consequences. However, under traditional methods their efforts and suffering are largely for naught, as seen by the unabated growth of political capitalism.

Not everyone can be a Julian Assange or Amon Bundy or Gary Johnson, but anyone can pick a local government flunky and make their life miserable for as long as they dare to hold office. It doesn’t matter if an Anti-Official is left or right wing, the only job is shut down some politician or bureaucrat. Put it all on social media in front of an inexhaustible supply of malcontents and let us decisively reduce the Will to Power to an exercise in futility.

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